Sharing a rich life with loved ones, old friends and new

A warm welcome to ‘Insights and Encounters’ to all those of you who stumble across ‘my Home on the Net’ wherever you are on this beautiful planet.

This is a work in progress, bringing a number of projects together, recording and sharing the many paths to freedom and growth that I’ve travelled so far that have shone light on the present, and will no doubt shape the future!

I’ve unearthed a treasure chest of old written records — sheaves of letters home from Europe during travels and study in 1958-60 and accompanying slides; snippets of early family influences and education that impelled me towards discovering a bigger world and myself in the process;

It promises to be wide ranging and often random. –   Studying and integrating many aspects of health and healing,   Exploring the arts and languages,    Surviving political encounters,  Pursuing a rich and challenging spiritual life by embracing contemporary revelation and teachings, including much of  those received personally.

It is with some sense of excitement and trepidation that I invite you to come along for those bits of the ride that catch your fancy, and feel free to share what you think.


4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Rosie Kaplan

    Hello Elizabeth I made it!! I like your channeling. Very clear and simple. I am sure your letters for Europe are interesting too but I will leave those for a rainy day. It makes me kinda wish I had kept my letters from my Ethiopian travels but they were almost illegible and I was SUCH a dram queen they were in many ways an embarrassment to read – when I could! I chucked them out 4 years ago. I will be back.
    Love Rosie


  2. Ollie Heathwood

    Lots of wonderful stories and information to enjoy Elizabeth. What a great project! What an interesting life. I love your letters and the photos accompanying them. I hope that you will write about your childhood too. Congratulations on a great blog.



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