Giant Steps – a song from space.

Sunrise over the ocean

Brilliant sunrise over the ocean showing up dancing orbs of Light.

I have lost track as to where this delightful message came from, but I am confident that its originator is happy that it is still circulating!

                                                                       Giant Steps

“Hello  to you on this road of life, you appear to be going my way.

How hard has it been to walk this far today?

Rest your burden a little while and sit beside me here.

Though a stranger I appear to you, please do not have a fear.

The path that you and I must take is very much the same.

Wanting to meet you at this time of life, through galaxies of stars I came.

The world is waking from a deep, deep sleep. Your thoughts are confused and new.

Our path is under a Rainbow Bridge. May I walk with you?

Awake  I’ve been for many a year, I was up before the dawn.

I saw your world go to sleep, and watched its awakening yawn.

The Rainbow Bridge lies just ahead, where your rockets soar through the sky.

Beyond that Bridge are men like you and a man from there am I.

Rockets are not my way, but a silver disc of Light.

It matters not of such things, for we’re equal in God’s sight.

Let us please go hand-in-hand across God’s starry road.

Place your burden in my silver disc. It will carry your load.

Step-by-step we will go on a journey far beyond Mars.

Let us take these steps together.

pure spaceThey’ll be giant steps into the stars.”

See ‘UnearthingThe Inner Earth Story’

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