Inspired teaching from Geraint – Group souls, rocks and sound 1993

17th of June 1993

I had been looking for an understanding of what some people refer to as a ‘group soul’, what sort of connection can exist between souls? and how that might that be relevant to us today?

Help and inspiration are forthcoming as I begin to write what I am hearing telepathically.

I have a feeling that this is somebody new who hadn’t communicated with me before, and he introduces himself as Geraint, a person from another time who has been a part of the group soul of which I, as Elizabeth, am a part — in a manner of speaking!

I asked for an explanation of what this meant, what is a group soul?   And I got more than I bargained for. This is what he had to say.

” The entity which is the group soul, as you are want to describe it, is more accurately thought of as a conjunction of individual light bodies experiencing a similar frequency and expression, a similar emanation known to some of you as a ray type.

The primary ray of one person can be the secondary ray of another within the overall conjoining.

The similarity of frequencies is sufficient within the group to result in an harmonious expression of direction and a balanced magnetic force field.”

He then went on to describe the connection.

” We are both of us by nature wanderers, healers, explorers, experimenters, exponents of knowledge and understanding.

When you and I have spent some time working together, getting to know one another in this rather strange context, it will become easier for me to make suggestions to you in relation to the potential work ahead of you.

Until then, it will be helpful for us both if you can spend an hour, or even a little less when other causes press on you, so that we can regulate our corresponding vibrations to harmonise and create a strong connection. ”

He then said that he would like to begin by telling a story.

” Once upon a time there was an old man who lived alone in a cave at the edge of the forest.

Nearby there were many rocks half merged in the soil. Each of these rocks had its own special quality and vibratory rate. At the same time the quality of the rock incline, as a whole, had a harmony of vibration that resulted in it being able to be sounded from end to end.

the spring

Reactivating a spring through sound,

As the Elder struck the end most rock, a tone reverberated through it, and on from there, across the valley, echoes arose which, in turn,  spun from hilltop to hilltop.

After much experimentation, our friend realised that he was able to create a vortex of sound within the valley which spun in many delicate concentric forms as the tone was a multiple chord, since it picked up the vibrations of many rocks as it spun around.

The effect of this in the centre of the valley was to activate a spring that had lain dormant for centuries. The agitated water that had lain still under the earth’s surface began to make its way up through the opening in the rocks. It required periodic activation to maintain the flow of this beautiful spring.

This story will have application for you at a later time. Your capacity to absorb knowledge and apply it will increase as the work continues.

Be wary of spending too much time and energy on absorbing inappropriate information.

Cull your programs even more and also your reading. When you feel bored by what you are hearing, seeing or reading, it is time to let go and sense what can be substituted.

This is sufficient for this day. Thank you for your willingness to listen to me.   Over and out, as they say!   Geraint.”

A little squiggle signature follows this. I later went on the Internet looking for a reference to the name Geraint and all I found was that one of the knights of the Roundtable was so named.

Reviewing the writings in retrospect has further deepened my understanding, and also my gratitude for the opportunity given to me to learn in this way.

Hopefully, what I have shared may prove helpful for others too, as our collective consciousness grows and grapples with the changes we are all experiencing.

Enough for now. More to follow later.

Postcript. 2017.  More has followed this year relating particularly to the importance of the mineral kingdom. 


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