Corals Essences from the Great Barrier Reef

CORAL ELIXIRS   created at  Magnetic Island Queensland, Australia.

In the early 90’s, our planetary healing group in Bellingen was frequently focusing on areas along the eastern coast of Australia. and we became aware of the power of the major energy line –  the chain of mountains running from the north of the continent right through from top to bottom.

We came to call it the Great Uniting Range although you will find that its time-worn official title is the Great Dividing Range. ( Similarly, the word  ‘barrier’ in relation to the reef came to sound inappropriate as well – better to be known as the Great Coral Reef.)

As well as creating and using flower essences over that period,a few of us had also moved on to collecting gemstones as well as quartz crystals, and as well as using them in body work, were busy creating a comprehensive series of gem elixirs.

Heart Reef which lies in the Whitsunday Passage in Queensland

Heart Reef which lies in the Whitsunday Passage in Queensland

What I had not expected was to receive directions to also create elixirs from corals.

However this is the message that came through one day early in spring 1992.

“The corals of the Great Barrier Reef lie in a formation which replicates the spinal mountain range, and express a strengthening of that line of force running along the eastern periphery of the continent.
It is not then so much a barrier as a parallel strengthener.

The whales make use of this strengthened current of energy in spite of their greater vulnerability in remaining close to the coast when they reach northern waters.


In approaching the corals, keep this picture in mind.

In selecting the corals to work with, be aware that each colour is significant and its particular quality will reveal itself.

Clear the mind of any preconceptions gained from the experience of the properties of colours before attuning to each coral.

coral 3Because they are living under water, the colour one perceives is the result of many refractive factors which are not present above water.

Underwater photographs of the reef can be used to tune into to in order to help achieve understanding of the properties of the corals.”

Directions were then given for making the coral elixirs on site.

“Begin with one small branch and immerse it in a solution of water made up of two parts pure water: one part seawater, enough to keep the coral living.

Use a small clear bowl or glass and leave it in sunlight for one hour, before bottling.

Much understanding of the general role of these amazing sea creatures will come through contemplation and will be a key to understanding and collating more specific information.

Use a cleansed instrument – strong tweezers or something larger with a similar action to collect the specimen and place it in a cleansed glass container full of seawater before bringing it to the surface.
The morning is the best time to work.

Observing the qualities of the relationship between the corals and other living creatures in their environment will provide further inspiration as to the nature of the vibrations emitted by each variety, which can then be used to enhance such qualities in humans.The forms and patterns provide additional clues.

Taking a drop of the essence under the tongue and noting its effect on the bodies and organs will give further insight.”

Lisa, a neighbour, agreed to take these directions with her when she and her family travelled north to Magnetic Island in October of 92, where she made six coral elixirs, and returned with this report.           (The island is quite close off shore from Townsville, and within the Great Barrier Reef.)

1.The first one selected was a soft mauve grey coral growing in the traditional coral formation.
She described it as having  a real sense of bone marrow while picking it.

the six little skeletons of the corals used to create the elixirs.

the six little skeletons of the corals used to create the elixirs.

2. The second was a bright canary yellow hard coral growing in a fungus type formation like the fungus that grows on tree stumps. It was hard to break off and reminded her of tripe – something like stomach lining.

It grew right next to the first coral – they seemed to cohabit a lot.
Little black fish with bright yellow fins were using it for protection and feeding.

3. The third coral was the hardest to collect. It seemed like performing an operation.
It was a hard coral covered with soft slimy stuff.

She felt as if she was operating on a brain, like brain surgery.
It was a pinky orange over a boney colour.
It also reminded her of a big cancerous growth, and she felt a need to make two bottles of it.

Later that day a friend told her that coral is being used in some types of cancer research including protection against skin cancer at the Australian Institute of Marine Science.

The first three elixirs were left overnight on a granite altar on a bright moonlit night, three nights before the full moon.

One week later Lisa resumed the work again after difficult weather had cleared, and this is how she continued to recount the experience.

coral 6“This morning was the prettiest experience so far.

The reef was swarming with amazing little fish and the coral was like a beautiful lush garden.

4. The first coral picked was bright emerald green. Growing spindly and scraggy around the edges and they looked like giant brains.
It really looked like emerald wheat – got really strong feelings of protection.
Little fish the same green colour – hard to see when they stay among the coral.

5. The next coral picked grows in lush thick beds with slight variation in colour from pale pink, pale mauve, pale grey through to light skin and tanned skin coloured.
Kept thinking of sun and skin and the various shades of skin, and sun tanning soft puffy blooms of this coral.

coral 26. The next one picked was a brittle hard coral, soft brownish orange with purple tips. Resembled bones and breaking bones as it was picked.

I will leave this coral out on the granite altar tonight to be blessed by the moon.

The altar is right above the waters. I felt I could have kept collecting and collecting specimens.
So many different kinds of coral. So many treasures – a real pleasure to witness.”


When Lisa returned to Bellingen, I was very exited and grateful to receive the elixirs, record

A  shell and coral collection in a small museum in Mackay. Qld.

A shell and coral collection in a small museum in Mackay. Qld.

all the information, and place them in the company of the flower and gem essences already in stock.

Providentially, she became the first to use them, as very soon after her return, two of the elixirs were appropriate for her to use during labour while she was giving birth to her little daughter.


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