Bellingen 1984: Learning to channell from my first guide – Bright Star of the Prairie.

eagle as it should beAlthough this will be a very personal story in some ways, it seems the best way to tell how  directly experiencing the teachings I received helped me to blend the inner and outer worlds into a comprehensible whole.

My encounter with Bright Star proved to be a turning point in my life and sharing what came of it may have some value to others.

Like many others in the 1970s and 1980s, I was feeling drawn to leave city life together with my family and migrate north to where pockets of intentional communities were sprouting up in the lush subtropical valleys.

View from the verandah of the Windgarden

Looking over the village to the Dorrigo mountain – from the verandah of the Windgarden in Bellingen


We finally settled in Bellingen, beautiful little village west of Coffs Harbour, where I soon felt very much at home in a comfortable hundred-year old timber home, built on the hillside overlooking the Bellinger River and across towards the Dorrigo Mountain. It was such a contrast to life in the city and just the place where I need to be, given the direction my life was now taking.

Soon I was able to start practicing my natural therapy skills, part-time, but, with all the upheavals and adjustments I had ridden through over the last few years, it was time to acknowledge that my emotional and inner life was crying out for attention as well.

A view of the Bellinger River from the town gardens, with the Dorrigo mountain in the distance.

In no time at all I soon managed to incorporate gestalt sessions, rebirthing, dream work, meditation groups, all into what had already become a busy life.  All of this destructuring and restructuring often proved very challenging – sometimes exciting and often quite painful at the same time!

The short hand description was to call it  growth work, or more colourfully, peeling back the layers of an onion! Think of it as some sort of eternal onion, because I finally came to realise that it is the work of a lifetime!  One of its effects was to draw me into a deeper spiritual awareness and a curiosity to know and understand all that I was able to about this universe we are living in – and my part in it, and so opportunities for this began presenting themselves in many different ways.

One of these that proved very significant came through meeting an older English woman called Mary who lived nearby at Coffs Harbour.   She was a medium who held regular circles in the traditional way in her home, and their popularity grew rapidly as the word got around. It was a very novel experience for most of us.

As we gathered in a circle, Mary’s guide, who was a feisty lady called Simpica, of Greek heritage in an earlier life, would take over Mary’s body, and then deliver a practical talk on all manner of spiritual subjects in a way that was proving quite helpful and engaging.  She would then move around the circle, giving each person a pertinent individual message of advice, often about things to come. That was then followed by a cuppa and cream-filled sponge cake!

It was all quite a novel and often moving experience, leaving little room for scepticism.   The idea of each of us having a personal guide, and the possibility of communication with spiritual beings wasn’t entirely new to me.  There were some fine, very believable books available – one of them is still on my bookshelf called ”‘Gildas” by Ruth Wyatt and Mary Swainton, and there were others of the same genre.

Back in Sydney, I had also attended the workshops of several remarkable spiritual teachers from overseas – Patricia Sun, Paul Solomon and Soozi Holbeche, Ram Das, Eileen Caddy from Findhorn and several others.

I had also heard of a woman in England called Edith Polge, who had the gift of being able to do beautiful little pencil sketches of a person’s guides, simply by receiving a note in the mail with one’s genuine signature on it.  In spite of my doubts about this one, I duly sent off a letter and a $10 note, and in no time at all, I received seven delicate little pencil drawings of those personages from the world of spirit who were and hopefully still are keeping their eyes on me.

There was a brief note written on the back of each one, and there was one guardian in particular who really stood out — a Native American chief, drawn in profile and with full-feathered headdress who gave his name as Bright Star — she wrote that she believed him to be my main guide. Unfortunately some years later the sketches disappeared. I couldn’t find them anywhere and felt quite upset.

After a short time, Mary and her daughter Jenny and I became good friends, and one evening in March 1984, I responded to Mary’s suggestion that she help me to work to develop my own telepathic ability, with the possibility of communicating through channelling.  She suggested that  we begin together with a simple demonstration – a trial run!  I was feeling very hesitant about it, and said that in no way was I willing to allow another being to take me over in any way. I was insistent that It would be conditional on my remaining completely conscious at all times.

We began by sitting facing one another. She asked me to close my eyes and after a prayer asking for purity of mind and motivation, I was to begin by visualising a silver circle of light surrounding a blue centre. I was asked to see myself walking towards it and entering into the circle.

Mary, who is clairvoyant, then described a man that she could see standing there waiting for me.  He was elderly, of wise appearance, yellowing skin, hair tied back and draped over his left shoulder. She commented on his fine, long boned hands.

So far, I could sense nothing out of the ordinary and my scepticism was rising by the moment.  She then commented on a bright star that she could see in the middle of his forehead.  I immediately felt a rush of emotion and recognition and tears came as I remembered the sketch of my Native American guide which matched with the man she had just described.  All doubts dissolved — (Mary had known nothing of the sketch).

I felt a warm tingling and his presence connecting with mine. Mary conveyed that he wanted me to speak,  and so gradually acknowledging and recreating an acceptance of each other through verbal communication.  Bit by bit some words came, very haltingly – I felt some were mine in my own voice, others In a deeper voice — after I’d cleared my throat at his suggestion!

It was an extraordinary and moving experience allowing someone to speak through me for the first time!  I felt the crown centre at the top of my head opening up — it was as if I was stepping into another world.  I sat very quietly for a while after I felt his presence recede, marvelling at what had just occurred and feeling a deep sense of gratitude and peace.

11th April 1984.

Three weeks later, on my 50th birthday I visited Mary again. I knew intuitively that it was time to take the next step, whatever that might turn out to be.

We sat in meditation together, visualizing going deep within a cave, and the blue light began to emerge again.  I feel my guide’s presence again, experiencing it much like a blessing.  It seemed as if his eyes were looking out through mine as I began to hear him speak.

He told me that we had been together before in a beautiful valley with mountains behind where he was known to all as Bright Star of the Prairie – though he said that it was not appropriate to tell me my name just yet.

Mary asked him about the significance of a shield that she could see above my head.  It appeared as a family crest with two upright figures, one lion-like and the other a white lily.  He said it was a clan sign — and that I should meditate on it and it would act as a sign of communication and recognition for others who would come to work with me.

He then thanked Mary for her patience and forbearance for her many years of service after she had spoken with gratitude of how long she had waited for someone to come and work with her.

Mary then described how she was seeing many beautiful little fairy like children in fluffy clothing dancing around me, giving me blue and white daisies and placing them in my mouth.    Bright Star said that they had come to celebrate my birthday.

He encouraged me to go forward in the knowledge that I was loved and would have his protection and guidance whenever I asked for it – that there was nothing to fear – all would be revealed in God’s good time.  From now on, he said, I would live in a way that would ensure the fulfilment of my destiny, always remaining dedicated to my spiritual path.

I was to honour the calling of the great spiritual teachers, and exercise it in a manner that would never give cause to regret my commitment.  The nature of the tasks ahead of me would gradually be revealed.

Thirty odd years have passed since that momentous day.

Initially I spent much time using my new-found ability to write down the teachings that Bright Star wanted to share with me directly as they came to me.  I gradually found the courage to practice speaking the thoughts that came through me, sometimes alone, other times with one of my very patient daughters present to help record them.

The day arrived when I allowed Bright Star to make his first public appearance by speaking through me in a meditation circle, and, as time went by my confidence increased to continue this mode of teaching work.  Over the months ahead, my journals were filling up with lots of words of wisdom, dealing with all manner of teachings and also much personal advice that was helping to guide me in my daily life.

It was so helpful and enriching that, in typical Aries fashion, I wanted to share what I was learning with the whole world.  It didn’t take me long to discover that for the time being, the world didn’t really want to listen.

I wasn’t on my own in this.   Many others around the globe were having similar challenging experiences and often without the comfort of realizing that they were not the only ones!  I lost a couple of friends quite quickly – for some it was all a bit too way out, and who could blame them!  However, at the same time, other fine people who were very open and encouraging began to come into my life, and this has continued to happen up to the present day.

As I re-read much of this material, I realized that if I managed to pull bits of it together in a simple and cohesive way, it had the potential to demystify much of what is thought about spiritual guidance and channeling.

By taking the risk of sharing some of my experiences, I am hoping it may even prove useful to some who are moved to deepen their own connection to the world of spirit in this way, remembering, of course, that in these matters, each individual’s journey is unique to them.

My own learning, especially during 1984 was like an intense crash course in trust and perseverance. Much of it was personal, but much of the teaching was generally informative and inspiring, and I hope, worth going out on a limb by sharing it.

On scrolling through my journal in May 1987 I found the following entry –

‘On reading over the writings so far, I am aware of feeling deeply grateful for them. I realise how supportive and enriching they have been for me.  Reflecting on this, I wonder if I should share some of the wisdom they contain that is relevant to our world today?  And, if so, how to go about it? ‘

Here is the answer that I received and recorded back then.

” The writings in themselves are personal to you. The flavour of their content will be lost somewhat in publication.

To avoid this, it would be possible to create a work which talks of your own journey, and which recounts your experiences during your search, and to intersperse this telling with excerpts from our journal entries along the way.

This writing can begin at any time. It can be a gradual compilation based on your experience of each phase of learning.

For example, research your early introduction to the guides, and then gradually allow the stories to draw forth the knowledge which you’ve gained as you absorbed and stored the fruits of each experience and each encounter.”

So here I am, having begun writing my blog in 2014, finally able to act on Bright Star’s  advice  given 30 years ago as I gradually learn to master today’s communication technology and can now send snippets of the teachings out wherever they want to go! to whoever wants to read and ponder them.

I suggest that a good place to begin if you are curious could be with the general summary I was given of the role of the spiritual guardians in our lives and reassurances about channeling.  I find these guides to be wise and loving friends, ever ready to support and steer us through confusing times.

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