Initial Unearthing of the Inner Earth Story – compiled in 1990

Background research  which I compiled about 1990 from many traditions, in anticipation of a ‘close encounter’  between those of us who inhabit the earth’s surface and those evolved beings who live deep within.

During the late eighties, from the time of the Harmonic Convergence, and through the nineties, our local planetary healing group met regularly for meditations on new moons and full moons, Solstices and Equinoxes at the Windgarden – my home and Healing centre- in Bellingen, a beautiful little town near Coffs Harbour N.S.W.

It was about 1990 that we received guidance during a meditation  to be aware of the possibility of linking in meditation with beings like ourselves  known to live below the earth’s surface, and to look for information already recorded about them and collate it, because the time was fast approaching for us to prepare to have contact with them.

Knowledge, it was suggested, could be gathered from a variety of  sources to help us to familiarize us with the  history and culture of these people of the Inner Earth, (sometimes referred to as the Hollow Earth),  and the various traditions and myths surrounding them.

This would prepare us to be receptive  to the idea of their existence, and their relevance to us, the humans who currently inhabit the earth’s surface, and of welcoming opportunities of  communication with them.

I was intrigued and happy to volunteer for the task.  It proved well worth while, and with plenty of surprises, particularly as there was a constincency in much of the information, with promise of more to come in the future.

Here follows a bundling together of insights and traditional information that I gathered and recorded during that time. It helped me form a basis for a growing understanding and potential with our highly evolved Inner Earth Neighbours .

They have remained largely unread amongst my papers till now, but I have reason to feel that the time has come for them to see the light of day.  This compilation can now take its place by way of introduction, together with other insights and material now available since that time back in the 90s.

The main reasons for the current need to make contact appear to be:

  • To begin to understand and acknowledge our common early history and origins, and for us to be helped to remember any earlier life times with shared experiences.
  • To prepare to receive much lost knowledge which has been safeguarded within the earth until such time as at least some of us were prepared to make good use of it for transformative purposes.
  • To become open to the prospect of the offer of safe refuge below earth’s surface in times of turmoil above, as appears to have happened often in earlier times.
  • To establish a relationship of cooperation and trust, so that a true partnership can be ‘re-formed’ with them and with Mother Earth in working together towards transformation.
  • To consciously participate in channelling Light to the evolved inner Earth civilizations to be directed as needed through the Crystal and Mineral Kingdoms deep within the Earth.
  • To become more familiar with the sacred and transmuting power of the element of Fire.  “To connect with the Purity and Peace that is Eternal in the Earth – forever giving its Purity and Blessing through the structure of the Earth, to help bring about its Eternal Freedom.”      ( words from the Master Pelleur).

Insights and confirmation of these hidden civilizations and settlements that I was able to “unearth” come from many different sources.

“The Book of the Hopi” which recounts the long history of the Hopi Indians in Nth America, tells of the five ages, each of which ended in cataclysms, during which their people were able to survive through being cared for by ‘the Ant People’ within the earth.

‘This Hollow Earth’ written by Warren Smith, published in l972 and ’77 is another source of information. He writes that the Buddhists speak of a subterranean land known as Agartha, ruled by the King of the World, whom tradition says appears in human form at the end of great epochs.

One source says that there are some 100 subterranean colonies within the earth’s crust

"Northern aurora Borealis" painted by Nicholas Roerich

“Northern Aurora Borealis” painted by the great Russian artist Nicholas Roerich, thought by some to emanate from the inner earth

forming the Agarthan network, and the governing cities,

“Shamballa the Lesser’ is inside the planet and can be accessed through the Nth and Sth pole entrances.

Compasses are said to behave erratically in these regions, giving credence to claims that electromagnetic force fields created through advanced crystal technologies serve as cloaking devices over the entrances to deter unwanted explorers.

U.S. satellite photos printed in ‘Flying Saucers’ in l970 show an entrance hole at the geographic Nth Pole, which is normally cloud covered. Planes don’t usually go within 150 miles of the pole because instruments can’t be relied upon to function further on.

One seemingly successful explorer was the American, Rear Admiral Richard Byrd, who flew to the Arctic region in 1947 and had an inner earth encounter. The Pentagon suppressed his discoveries.  However, entries from his secret diary are included in an article in the magazine “Exposure” June ‘96 together with other material and a good reference list on the general subject.

Admiral Byrd is also mentioned in a channeling by Ramtha, recorded on an  audiotape which I came across.  The admiral’s  information was passed on to other Americans – Callan, Smith, Marshall and Stephenson were names given, and he said that the US government was still negotiating for entry. They have sent submarines into the area but have been foiled in their explorations.

Mt. Shasta, magnificent volcanic mountain in NW of USA .

Mt. Shasta, a magnificent volcanic mountain in NW of USA , believed to be a major gateway to the Inner Earth civilizations.

The subterranean cities below the earth’s crust are said to have populations of about 500,000.

Telos, a Lemurian colony is believed to be located within Mt. Shasta –  (a haunt of St. Germain’s?).  It  has 1.5 million inhabitants as has another settlement located beneath the Matto Grosso plains of Brazil, called Posited, an ancient Atlantean outpost.

One Antarctic outpost, Rainbow City, concentrates on the advanced sciences, while other sub colonies are teaching cities.

Inter- connecting high tech subway systems exist –  said to be based on the use of natural energy currents, allowing for speedy travel between major settlements.

Many are believed to live for hundreds of years without aging dramatically. Their spiritual life and initiations are based on the Melchizedek teachings and many of the ascended Masters who work with us also spend time within the earth.

Detailed information about Telos and other cities has been given by Sharula, an ambassador to the surface world from the Agartha Network who has come to inform and help pave the way for the merging of the two worlds.

She had a part in the instigation of the “Conclave of Michael” and the 12:12 Gateway to Freedom events. Her description of life below can be found on the Internet in an article courtesy of World Ascension Network, entitled Secret of the Subterranean Cities.

Early historical background information given in “You are becoming a Galactic Human” by V.Essene & Sheldon Nidle tells of the Yu Empire in Asia, a daughter empire of Lemuria. It was attacked by the Atlanteans and other ‘off-shore’ renegade allies after the destruction of Lemuria, about 25,000 BC and what remained of its people were forced underground to survive.

Today they form much of what is known as the Kingdom of Agartha or Shamballa. They hold intact the great legacy of Lemuria based on the true Lyran/Sirian civilization until the time is ripe to share it once again with humans on Earth’s surface. They speak of this as the Great Reunion. For more details read p114-117.

Sheldon Nidle is currently channeling teachings  with frequent references to the people of Inner Earth, and his writings, with translations in a number of different languages, can be found at

Nicholas Roerich, a great Russian artist, philosopher and explorer (1874-1947) wrote of Shamballa and learnt much during his travels with his wife Helena and son George into Central Asia, often through their contact with Tibetan lamas. He described the Azares, the holy people who hold the secrets, tall, erect, the men with long hair and beards.

He wrote of identical legends of a lost tribe going underground to avoid a tyrant being told throughout many cultures of Asia and Europe. Buddhism and the coming of Maitreya and the existence of Shamballa were the most prevailing beliefs underlying the legends that the Roerich family heard as they traveled through the Gobi desert and in the magnificent area of the Altai mountains, stretching through Siberia and Mongolia.

An Altai woman of the shaman tribe had a vision of Oirot, the messenger of the White Burkhan or future Buddha in the mountains. He appeared as a great white figure on horseback who bade her tell her people to renounce their magic rites and prepare for the coming of the White Burkhan.   Since then  performing sacrifices has been replaced by “the burning of aromatic heather and by harmonious singing’.

In ‘Altai Himalaya’ the journal recounting the Roerich family’s travels in Central Asia, Nicholas wrote of seeing the entrances to great caves in the cliffs at Kurlyk where the teachings of the coming of the White Burkhan were born, and he spoke of the vast secret inner passages from Tibet, through Kuen lun, Altyntag and Turfan.

He wrote in his notes as they traveled through Sikkim:

“ A legend of Central Asia tells of the mysterious nation, underground dwellers – the Agharti. Approaching the gates into this blessed kingdom, all living beings become silent, reverently pausing in their course.

Recall now, the Russian legend about the mysterious “Tchud” which went underground to escape the persecution of evil forces. To this secreted place also leads the sacred legend of the subterranean Kitege.   Everything comes from the North.

The whole world tells its tales of underground cities, treasure troves, and temples merging under water! The Russian and Norman peasant relates about this with equal surety. So, too, does the inhabitant of the desert know of the treasures which sometimes glimmer from under the sand waves and then – until the ordained time – recede again under the earth.”

He referred often to Belovodye (White Waters), a centre of teaching of life talked of by the Old Believers of Buddhist origin:

“people from Belovodye have come out on horse back through special passages over Ergor…a woman high of stature, thin of figure, with face darker than ours, clad in a long skirt, a kind of sarafan…”

“In 1923 Sokoliha with the people of Burkhtarma went to search for Belovodye. Not one of them returned. But recently there came letters from Sokoliha. She writes that she did not reach Belovodye but she lives well. Where she lives, she does not write. All know of Belovodye.”

Further references to subterranean dwellers occur in Nicholas Roerich’s books “Shamballa”, and “The Light of Asia” which also describe many of the experiences of the central Asian journey.

“On Eastern Crossroads” written by Helena Roerich, Nicholas’ wife and spiritual partner – contains tales and parables gathered from among the peoples of Asia.  Among them are the legends of the Stone which came from the East, and the prophecies of Shamballa and Maitreya:

  • The Stone – Upon it are four squares and in each the sign M.
  • It is shaped like a human heart and within it is enshrined a resplendent crystal.
  • It has the shape of a flat fruit or heart, oblong in form.
  • Its shape – the length of my little finger – of greyish lustre like a dried fruit.  (From the Book of Tristan.)
  • It is the treasure of the sun – a shield that bore the power of the world.
  • When the Shield shattered, the power remained in the central fragment –
  • There the ray of the Sun touched. It is the treasure of the Lords of Power –
  • it is the treasure of the World”.

Moldavite-Starstone, a green light-filled meteorite found in Czechoslovakia in the Maldau River, much prized throughout Europe and Asia through the ages, is thought to be the Stone.

Helena Blavatsky also wrote of underground cities and hidden literature in “The Secret Doctrine”.

‘The Coming Race’  by Edward Bulwer Lytton recounts a young man’s adventures in the subterranean caverns of the ANA race.    Lord Lytton was a member of the Golden Dawn, an occult group whose members included Dion Fortune, Alastair Crowley, and also Karl Haushofer, a psychic and initiate of a Japanese Buddhist sect, who had influence on Hitler and Hess.

The story in the form of a novel was published in 1849 and had a very convincing ring to it. Hitler is said to have taken the story seriously though there is no mention from that source as to how he acted on it.

A beautiful discourse given by the Ascended Master Pelleur through Mrs. Ballard in the St.Germain writings in 1950 helps us to connect with the Inner Earth on a higher frequency level.

He speaks of  ‘Our Domain in the Heart of the Earth: a place where human discord cannot come, a Focus of Eternal Purity and Eternal Peace’. He explains that ‘Cosmic Law’ has created it thus that the Earth itself may be held together by that Love which will not accept discord.

‘It is an activity of the Fire Element and the Great Cosmic Light that ever sends Its Radiation clear through the structure of Earth, and from that holds the pressure of that Electronic Force that maintains protection of all that is constructive’.

He says that it takes much energy to continually hold the structure of the Earth within a certain balance, in order to prevent mankind’s destruction driving so deep within the crust of the Earth as to cause it to collapse within itself.

Two streams of Energy are constantly pouring forth to the Beings of the Elements, the Powers and Activities of Nature, and into mankind themselves, that perfect Balance of the Electric and Magnetic currents of the Energy that sustains the whole Planet, one being the Magnetic Forces of Love and Purity and Power of the Sacred Fire held at the Centre, and the other being the Magnetic Currents from the Sphere Polaris through the Pole of the Earth, the activities of which are governed by the Mighty Polaris.

Entrances to and from the Inner Earth.

Apart from the polar entrances, there are indications that there are numerous portals – other modes of access – scattered over the planet’s surface, although they, too, are well protected.

Several years back, I was travelling along Waterfall Way which runs from the Pacific Freeway going west to Armidale in N.S.W., and pulled in off the southern side of the road overlooking a beautiful deep gorge not far from Armidale. I was there a little while and heard a tantalizing inner message that I was in the vicinity of an inner-earth entrance. –  Just that – nothing more, as I remember!

I had a similar experience with the same message when I was in South Africa in 1994, driving down from the Natal national park to Durban, near Howick, and not far before passing through the city of Pietermaritzburg.

We had stopped at a tea house just off the road for a cuppa.   It looked out over a similar gorge and here I also received a welcome on the inner level from the spirit guardians of the inner earth portal who wanted me to remain aware of this entrance.

Some of the activities of UFOs both over land and sea will be explained as having a connection with subsurface bases. A recorded channeling from Ramtha provides information of some entrances. He spoke of doorways at Mt. Shasta, the Superstitious Mountains, in the Dead Horse Drones area in the Antarctic, at Devil’s door – the Bermuda Triangle, and off the coast of Japan and also Argentina, as well the Nth and Sth poles.

Those who had migrated below after the fall of Atlantis had preserved and passed on much of their technological knowledge, and are able to create great columns of water rising into the air as high as 11,000 meters, having an inner vacuum which could propel space craft into orbit from below the ocean.

He explains that this accounts for many of the disappearances of boats and aircraft over the Bermuda and Devil’s Triangle. They are accidentally caught up in the vacuum and end up dying either from shock or drowning, or are sucked down below where they remain as subterranean visitors.

I found that we can also look to the many ancient temples in India and to the north, even those in current use, are said to have vast interconnecting caves and tunnels below the surface.

PATAL BHUVANESWAR is an underground area within the pine-covered Daru Mountain in the Himalayan region of northern India near the confluence of the holy rivers, Sarayu and Ramganga:

  • Sai Baba has drawn attention to it through assisting in its rediscovery and is encouraging people to make pilgrimage there. There are plans already in place to create a great pilgrimage centre nearby.
  • It is described as a world under the earth having seven levels.
  • The entire Patal is seventy yojana high (a yojana equals 4800 metres), though only the first two levels are currently physically accessible.
  • Some of the caves are inaccessible even to the devas and it requires ‘divine eyes’ to see the celestial beings who dwell there.
  • Sai Baba teaches that Patal Bhuvaneswar is a habitation of the Lord Shiva and his consort Ma Pavarthi, and is said to be as old as earth itself – the beginning and end of this are unknown.
  • It is a world that is great and free from hunger, thirst and sorrow, old age and fear of death!
  • It is a sub world protected by serpents and illuminated by the immense collection of gems worn by these nagas. Celestial musicians, singers and heavenly demsils, Yogis, Rakshasas (demons) and Nagas also serve there.

There is a detailed account of the Patal in the Skanda Puran, one or the eighteen Puranas, which form a part of the Vedas, the ancient scriptures of Hinduism.

It speaks of the visit of the first human there thousands of years ago – King Ritaparna, ruler of Ayodhya in the Surya dynasty. He was received by Adeshesha or Sheshnaag, the serpent king of Patal who supports the globe on his 1000 headed hood covered by rare jewels, and he was well received and had many great experiences. In one cave he was able to see Mt. Kailas and the golden swan of the great sacred lake Manasarovar, and also Shankar.

He was urged to remain silent about this secret place but broke his promise. Pilgrims who have visited this sacred place in recent times recount many and varied visionary experiences, including seeing great light beings, or simply a hand giving a blessing.


Ancient teachings tell of this City of White established on an island in the brilliant blue of what was the Gobi Sea, which is now the Gobi Desert, by those who came to Earth with Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days and Great Guru of the Seed of Christ throughout the Cosmos, from the planet Venus.

He had volunteered to come thousands of years ago to avert the dissolution of the Earth, threatened because humanity had strayed so far from cosmic law. He initiated both Gautama Buddha and Maitreya, the one who is known as the Coming Buddha.

“Shamballa, which now exists as an etheric city of Light above the Gobi Desert was originally a physical replica of the city of the Kumaras on Venus.

From the mainland it was approached by a beautiful marble bridge. The main temple where Sanat Kumara established the focus of the three fold flame of Power, Love and Wisdom thousands of years ago, is marked by a golden dome and is surrounded by terraces, flame fountains and seven temples – one for each of the seven Rays.

Each year, the people would come from many miles to witness the visible, physical sacred fire and to take home a piece of wood consecrated by Sanat Kumara to light their fires through the coming year.

Thus began the tradition of the Yule log, commemorating the return of the fire of Christhood.”(P.451 of “St.Germain on Alchemy”)

A secondary force field, the Omega aspect of Shamballa has been implemented in the etheric octave over the Inner Retreat near Yellowstone National Park by Gautama Buddha, the successor of Sanat Kumara.

This is now forming the Western Shamballa and abode of those devoted to the Mother Light. The Alpha or masculine aspect remains positioned in Central Asia, connected by an arc of light across to America.

A farewell address given by Sanat Kumara recently, as he was preparing to return to Venus, can be found in Brother Phillip’s beautiful book ‘Secret of the Andes.’     

                                                                                                                                                                            Please feel free to add any comments or information pending an update on the subject. So much more is coming to light, particularly through meditation and our awakening desire to grow closer and understand the potential of our relationship in much the same way as with our off-planet friends.


One thought on “Initial Unearthing of the Inner Earth Story – compiled in 1990

  1. Margaret Schaar

    Shamballa! That name rings home to me, I have definite connections, it’s ingrained in my DNA and brother Phillips book, ” secret of the Andes” I have, one of my favorite books, WE ARE MUCH MORE THAN WE THINK WE ARE, BUT WE ARE WHERE WE ARE MEANT TO BE FOR THE MOMENT, in time our memories will awaken, and to be raised up to do what has been an amazing preparation for this Earth.



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