1984. Matters of the Spirit : the role of spiritual guardians in our lives

These are a series of encouraging transmissions that I received and recorded way back in the 80’s when I first began the wonderful, scary adventure of learning how to open up to channeling..

I would like to share them with those interested in understanding more about the nature and purpose of revealed knowledge through channeling, and dispel some of the myths and glamour surrounding  its transmission.


1.  “ Guides are beings who are very skilled in transmitting energy from their dimension into ours. Some have had some experience of living on this planet and some have not.

Your guide chooses you to work with because of the similarity of goals and purposes.

Guides can appear as feminine or masculine, and will choose the identity which will serve their purpose best, or one that we can best relate to.

They each have different talents and areas of expertise. If you ask a question outside of their area, they can still call on the information required and transmit it.

High-level guides never command, never flatter, and only predict the future when it is useful to do so — and they will let you get into difficult situations if you will learn by doing so.

Only accept those messages that ring true to you. If you feel scared, powerless or depressed by guidance, then know that it is low-level guidance.

Entities will not deceive you if you ask where they are from. You can ask for a higher guide, and ask if they are from the light. Their messages will help you feel more compassion for yourself and others, their information can be very frank but told in a way that does not bring up fear or make one feel preached at. A sense of humour is a good sign of their authenticity and high level of teaching.

We each have a personal guide for this lifetime, often helped by relatives etc who have evolved beyond Earth-based negative emotions. Their role is to provide loving encouragement, knowledge and protection. The personal guides can help link us with other teachers with specific knowledge or expertise when needed.

These loving beings can enter our auras so gently we may doubt their presence. To reach them can require focus and concentration.

The task of channeling can be easier than one would expect, giving with it a feeling of well being and heightened awareness”

May 1984 

“Each time we begin to write together it would be helpful if you first created an environment free from the distractions created by sound.

No one is able to form the correct thoughts while there is a high degree of interference.

It is therefore best to be closed off from the normal daily clatter where this is possible.

Each time I work with you the level of our connection will be strengthened and this will assist in cutting out some of the distractions.

No one should attempt to do this work without first creating within themselves a feeling of desire to fulfil the aims which we espouse, whereby we endeavour to search out the truths most relevant to the moment, and elaborate in a way that will bring a measure of clarity to the recipient.

Not only is this the main aim in concentrating on a particular subject but also, by doing so, we are able to create an interest within the mind of the reader, which may stimulate him or her to further investigation.

To do so, it is imperative to first of all spell out whatever is the purpose of the dictation, and to create within the reader’s mind a degree of excitation.”

 In October 1984 I came across more instructions on making the best use of time when  channeling.

” Each day that passes will bring you more closely into the presence of your mentors as you allow them to progress further into your consciousness.

Each period of time set aside to be used for these efforts towards communication need not be as lengthy as before, as long as it becomes more consistent.

Begin the morning with your prayer of dedication before you leave your room. Give a few moments to focusing on the manner in which you hope to spend your time during the morning.

Review that at midday, and focus on the way you have succeeded.

Plan your afternoon in the same way. You will find that it can be practical to pause occasionally in order to refresh your spirit as you seek to align yourself with your inner voice.

Keep your daily plans mobile, and remember to offer your personal efforts each day to the service of the whole. You will avoid creating needless difficulties if you remember to do so.

Dispel your doubts, strengthen your resolve, and clarify your vision.

Be patient with yourself and others. Love yourself unconditionally.   We do!”

In the following years, the methods of receiving and integrating the knowledge continued to evolve, and the subject matter continued to broaden in many directions, often fuelled by my curiosity and the need for answers.


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