Spiritual guidance and Channelling

The Fire Fly Track at the top of Hill st.- once the old Cobb & Co. route travelling west.At the same time as I was studying courses in herbal medicine and other healing modalities in Sydney from 1978 onwards, a new spiritual world was simultaneously opening up for me.

It was filling the gap left by having distanced myself over the years from a conventional Catholic upbringing in a way that was exciting, challenging and fulfilling at the same time as retaining the values and respect for the sacred that had been an intrinsic part of my childhood.

Once the door had been opened for me by several fine spiritual teachers, lots of reading, and the commitment and example of new like minded friends, I was ready to explore and embrace a vision of life that was much more loving, liberating and expansive in a very real way than what had confined my past.


This section of the website follows my journey and experiences of spiritual guides and channelling and includes a series of channelled guidance –  presented just as it came to me, and enclosed in inverted commas.

Bellingen 1984: First experiences and Bright Star

Spiritual writing 1984: The role of spiritual guardians in our lives

Guidance on Channelling that prepares us for the future

Teachings about Sound

Teaching on the Transmutation of living organisms



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