Understanding vortexes and portals as aspects of sacred geometry.

Back in 1985 I had my first adventure with the space brothers in which vortices (or is it vortexes?) featured quite a bit, – you will find an account of it entitled ‘My first and highly improbable ET encounter.’

This experience prompted me to explore and understand just what these spirals are and how they fit into the universal scheme of things.

We see them everywhere about us in nature, though I knew little of the laws of physics, or more explicitly, sacred geometry, that help me to understand their function, and I was looking for an explanation that was expressed in clear simple language.

This is what I discovered and recorded and as well as deepening my general understanding, what I learnt also went some way on a personal level to grasping how what had happened back in the Bellinger Valley in ’85 when the space travellers made their appearance was an explicable happening!

‘ Understanding the movement of energy in spiralling form is a key to grasping the deeper clues as to how life comes into planetary manifestation.’

I begin with a summary of a profoundly thought provoking article written by a group in California who are happy to share their invaluable research publicly and freely.

It is entitled     ‘ Vortexes – the ins and outs of creation”,

where they are described as ‘spiraling streams of energy that contain within them the Light patterns / codes which define creation’.

“Light emerges from the Source, dividing into rays with properties or qualities, the varied combinations of which gave rise to manifestations, formed by the intersecting of vortexes resulting in holograms of creation.

The Light pattern or blue print needs to remain constant for the continued existence of the created image in its original form.

The planet Earth resulted from the convergence of 12+1 primary vortexes, each of which had been directed through specific star systems to slow down its frequency.

Each then intersected with the others at an appropriate juncture within the time- space dimension of our galaxy, forming an identifiable energy field or light pattern.

The planetary grid is a part of this energy field;  And ‘sacred sites’ are those places where the vortexes can be experienced on the planet’s surface.

Because human encodement is created by the inter-meshing of the same rays in varying combinations, as is any pattern of creation, each of us is capable of being drawn to the vortex which matches our personal encoding, and these places are then experienced as our personal ‘sacred places’, where we feel most in harmony with the land.

We are discovering that it helps us to remain centred to retreat to such places during this period of transition in which the frequency of the earth and all life upon and within her is being raised.

The thirteenth planetary vortex :    ‘+1’ is said to contain all encodings of past and present planetary cycles, including the activation codes to initiate the planetary ascension into higher dimensions.

It is compared to a tuning fork resonating the frequencies of the next octave of existence.

As we become attuned to these frequencies, we, in turn, become tuning forks catalysing the transformation of others.

A great vehicle of Light described as a Merkebah exists in the fourth dimension above this 13th vortex, anchoring, monitoring and adjusting the incoming energies and accommodating the souls as they make their transition.

When the thought of creating the Earth was conceived, all aspects of previous creation from the 12 Universes were incorporated in the blue print, eventually giving rise to our planet’s physical manifestation.

At this point the vortexes were in perfect alignment with Universal Law.

At a predetermined time in Earth’s history the primary vortexes were altered, isolating it from the higher frequencies so that souls could take part in an experiment of experiencing free will  i.e. functioning independently of the collective consciousness of  ‘All that Is’.

We are all familiar on a subjective level with what it has been like to participate in the grand experiment, though, while we are still a part of it, we are not yet able to assess it or fully understand our ‘multi dimensional’ part in it.

(I read that an Austrian, Kurt Godel , who concluded through his ’incompleteness theorems’ that the validation of any system could not be established from within the system, and he has apparently demonstrated this mathematically in the 1930s.)

The scientific explorations of the cosmologists and astronomers of recent time have been extraordinarily expansive and exciting, and certainly frustrating, as each new insight seems to create more questions than answers.

‘God has always seemed to be just around the corner! ’

Recently, it seems, the primary vortexes have been brought back into harmony with the natural order of the Universe, and to the extent that we are now able to harmonize with the higher frequencies, the higher dimensions of existence are gradually becoming accessible to us while still living on the earth plane.

Earth is now in alignment with key inter-dimensional doorways corresponding to Universal time/space/event sequences, including activities within parallel time zones.  (That certainly takes some thinking about!)

These portals interrelate with the primary vortexes and are necessary to ensure appropriate inter dimensional movement, functioning on the surface, the inner earth, and etheric and astral levels.

The density of matter is gradually lifting as increasingly powerful energies are pouring forth from the Source through the vortexes, providing greater life support for the planet.

Beings of higher frequencies are now able to approach the planet through the vortexes to further assist in the transformation, bringing the time much closer when the vast human network now in place can work in conscious co-operation with them.”

Just the explanation I was hoping for!

 Symbols of the Spiral Force:

 can be seen as circular mazes in some of the great Gothic cathedrals – at Chartres, Sens, Poitier in France and San Vitale and  Ravenna in Italy and we now have a beautiful outdoor example that anyone can experience, recently created in a corner  of Centennial Park in Sydney.

This spiral force can readily be recognised in the shapes of shells, and in the cross section of plants.

Its geometry is worth exploring. It is just one aspect of Sacred Geometry or The Architecture of the Universe.

Here are some other ways of understanding the vortex in relation to space, time and matter,
(Condensed from ‘Science of the Gods’ by David Ash & Peter Hewitt)

They describe matter as very dense space, a particle of matter being the dense centre of an extended vortex of energy, which we can detect with our senses, and space being the peripheral energy in the vortex, which we cannot perceive directly.

Time flows from movement in the vortex and space is an extension of the vortex form.

Einstein explained the theory of relativity by saying   “Remove matter from the universe and you also remove space and time.”

He showed that space and time are not fundamental and absolute, but closely related to each other and dependent on the speed of light.

The time/space curve as expressed in the spiral is now being incorporated in our language .    e.g.  time curves, learning curves.   People who tend to cling to a conservative past and are inclined to linear thinking are often described as ‘straight ’.

More and more of this universal knowledge is now available on the Internet in very accessible ways, made easier to comprehend by the use of clear and exciting illustrations.

It is proving to be one way of blending science and spiritual understanding together into an holistic body of knowledge, uniting us all.

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