Exploring Vibrational Healing including Gem and Flower Essences

Although many forms of vibrational medicine have their roots in ancient forms of healing, it is only recently that they have come to be widely used again in the West, often under the umbrella of holistic or alternative medicine, as an alternative to or in conjunction with conventional medicine.

My first introduction to them began when studying the nature and application of  Bach flower remedies as part of the curriculum of Dorothy Hall’s two year herbal medicine course in Sydney in 1978- 79, and discovering the magic of quartz crystals not long after.

Happily this also coincided with my gradual awakening to a much more holistic comprehension  of spirituality, which in turn, helped me understand that, in all forms of therapy and healing, we needed to encompass and work with the whole person.

This soon became self-evident as I began to work on my own health challenges.                 Part of grasping how all vibrational remedies could be effective involved familiarizing myself with what can be described as our Invisible Anatomy which, put very simply, is composed of our etheric body, our emotional/astral body and mental body more commonly known as the aura, all of which interpenetrate and encompass our physical bodies.

It helped to know that each of our subtle bodies function at a different rate of vibration, one more finely than the next, and together with each individual human soul, go to make up each person’s whole being while on this planet.

(There are teachings that indicate that the emotional and mental bodies remain a part of our spirit when we leave this earth plane, }

It has been an ongoing challenge over the years for me to grasp some degree of understanding that this is the way things are.
It has been helped along by successfully putting into practice a number of the vibrational therapies, integrating them with herbal medicine and psychotherapy –  for my own health and growth as well as for others.

The practical learning began with incorporating the flower essences into my practice.            a helpful colleague at about that time demonstrated how to assist diagnosis and treatment by choosing the remedies through dowsing, using a pendulum.  This was a skill that came readily to me once I became confident in using it and the technique proved to be particularly effective when working with little children!

A year-long course studying homoeopathy added another dimension, and also gradually learning to incorporate aspects of aromatherapy, colour visualisation, and sound vibration and toning.  There was also the delights of discovering the healing power of working with the mineral kingdom, both by creating and prescribing gem elixirs, and also reviving  “the ancient art of the laying on of stones”  using crystals and gemstones in lay-outs on the body..
Hands-on healing such as Reiki 1. and 2. as well as other forms of intuitive therapy have also played a part, all of which have served to gradually increase my overall intuitive ability through practice.

There is an abundance of quality information publically available on all of these topics already  but I would like to share a little of my own experiences in some of these fields as a  way of encouraging lots more people to be open and confident to exploring subtle forms of healing for themselves.

I would like to begin with the FlowerEssences  https://elizabethinsightsandencounters.wordpress.com/vibrational-healing/flower-essences/


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