Practical advice and other communications from off-planet mentors. 1995

Rainbow umbrella over the water.

Rainbow umbrella over the water.

A Series of Communications from ‘Off-Planet´ Mentors

November 11, 1995

More and more people these days find that they are able to receive and share helpful information from members of the Galactic Federation prepared to assist us through these unfamiliar and challenging times.

This is one  of a number of communication I received to be shared with our little group of earth workers. It was recorded the day after a brilliant multicoloured sunset, a blend of rainbows, animal images and discs of whirling foam spiralling towards us.

“The visitors you observed were not in a hurry to do other than make their presence felt just now, their main purpose that evening was to create a more electrified atmosphere in the general area of Mara and in doing so, were able to avert a disruption further north, beyond the mountain range.”

The Dorrigo mountain we have named Mara taken from my bedroom window in Bellingen

“There has been a period of sustained effort by us along the NSW coastline over a 2-year period to bring into harmony various conflicting currents of light power which have been destabilizing an area west of the Divide.

We are communicating at this time with several different groups ranging along the coast, in order to interconnect our preparatory network grid.

In this way the general thought-forms transmitted serve to accustom each of you to a more continuous awareness of our imminent presence.

The book you read now (yabagh) also assists in creating an increased awareness of our joint roles as preparatory planners and co-workers in aiding a smooth transition during the period of light energy withdrawal.

That is the first hurdle to be overcome, so let us concentrate on it.

The timing remains difficult to pin down owing to the vast distribution of the thinner veils of photon particles. They are irregularly dispersed over a wide and somewhat chaotic stretch of space/time.

Your own ability to synchronize with the general unfolding of events will continue as long as you are able to maintain a centred approach to each modification as it evolves, taking it in your STRIDE.”


November 15, 1995  4am
Information on Time Lords.

Their presence in our lives is a new concept for many. They are described in yabagh as a creator supervisory

“It is TIME to allow for the possibility of being guided by their influence through the time-flux you are currently experiencing.

This influence is only partially automatic – a comprehension of events in a linear time frame is due to their structuring as well as your 3D experience.

As you release your beliefs of sequential experience, you will more readily be able to co-operate consciously with the Time Lords in allowing yourselves to imitate other forms of comprehension until you are better able to guide your own awareness to select different time-bands at will. ~ ‘Mad’ people are often observed doing this already!

In order to more readily and willingly experiment during conscious time with this ability as it evolves, it is advisable to more acutely observe thought form fluctuation with the intention of gradually steering its patterns into more order.

Even writing as you do now helps to reorder in this way, for it assists the mind to create a channel ~ a linear void which sucks the thoughts through to consciousness in an ever stronger stream of expression.

This creative flow strengthens the connection between us in a way that does not diminish between communications, so that each time you pick up a pen, or open up the computer with a clear intention of TRANS-SCRIBING you will be able to hear us more easily and more accurately.

The resistance you feel will lessen if you affirm daily your intention to cooperate with us in this work.  Thank you!”

November 16, 1995

Exploring Time-Space and inter-dimensional consciousness.

“ The likelihood of your having to explain much of the approaching developments can be a motivating force for you to grapple with concepts relating to time-space and inter-dimensional fluctuations of consciousness ~ otherwise easily avoided and beyond your customary zone of exploration.

The patterning of the inter-dimensional gateways can be explored; firstly through dream states, and then as you become more confident in your sensory descriptions, can be expressed in an alert state by sound, colour and hologramatic structure.

Explore what you can of this subject through study, meditation and discussion and we shall build on your knowledge as you progress.   Thank you.”

November 19, 1995   Fresh thoughts on the use of time.

“Linear thinking means gathering thought concepts together in an orderly way and involves using time/space frequencies in a way that precludes more random flights of thought which you use to fill in time.

Each time you decide to randomly fill-in TIME with any switch-off pursuit, you are letting yourself deny your potential creativity ~ you do this now in order to relax!

There will come a time when you will regard this as a negative response.

So in the meantime -(think on that one!) Give yourself a choice and start to opt for the opportunities given to fill the time more creatively.

Given half a chance, you will find yourself prompted to choose something which you will also enjoy in a relaxed way”.

December 1,1995

A balance between activity and rest.

“ The practice of writing a little each day, in spite of fatigue will be enough to strengthen- the will to CO-operate with the recording of incoming information.

Fatigue as you know, is the result both of bodily activity and of resistance.

We are anxious to move on further with your development, while being aware of your efforts to restore your health, and create balance and beauty in your environment.

Soon you will be freer to make your writing a priority, and we will then be able to work in more depth.”

December, 3 1995

Transcribing directly onto the computer. 

“ This is the first time that we have transcribed directly onto the computer.

Welcome to the cyberspace transmitting station!

The station is used by a team of guardians whose task it is to maintain contact in a cohesive way with an integrated system of interconnecting groups.

Some of those who are able to be contacted by us on a regular basis soon become familiar with our signals and usually respond by receiving and recording and dialogueing with us as agreed.

The signals vary according to need to maintain a clear connection with each individual or group.

In order to assist you in becoming more alert to our intention to communicate with you we now suggest that you write in your notebook the method we have devised to get your attention.

We will soon be able to use reciprocal signals quite efficiently so that you too will feel confident to initiate contact with us whenever you choose to do so.

This has been a promising introduction to the use of your computer skills for inter-space communication. Thank you.”

December 15, 1995  More on inter-dimensional communication using the computer.

This transmission will focus on the various means available to us to gain your attention.

Once you are able to recognize the signals clearly, we can then begin to alert you to the best methods for transcribing each transmission.

The least effective way is in bed, half asleep.

It is preferable to write sitting up or, better still to use the computer especially when you have become more confident in its use.

This is because we are able to utilize the frequencies emitted by the computer to maintain a more constant pathway of communication.
It also saves recording time.

Apply yourself to perfecting your skills with the word processor as a priority, and give some time to listing the signals we suggest, preferably in a separate notepad, for your eyes only.”

December 18, 1995 3 am

Balcony view of a stormy sunrise over the ocean.

Balcony view of a stormy sunrise over the ocean.

“The cloudiness of the sky is worth observing regularly as patterns will begin to emerge suggesting a build-up of a different kind in the atmosphere, allowing you to more readily predict violent changes in the weather.

These observations will gradually lead to a more heightened awareness of temperature fluctuations and minor disturbances in the atmosphere caused by increased photon activity.

The main things to look for are
1. Colour variations.
2. Changes in the time of day of phenomena such as wind squalls and temperature fluctuations.

This will then enable you to more accurately predict the modifications in life-style and habit that will help you to adjust on all levels.

These may include altering sleeping habits to maximize the time you are conscious, and altering food intake to match the altered rest times.

Experiment with this in order to allow yourself to further breakdown your habits without increasing stress by doing so.

This will require processing your inner reactions to the alterations ~ Use your diary to make notes of your daily observations.”

Advice on the retrieval of knowledge given on the 6th Dec.1992.

“Realize the constant availability of the Akashic records.

There is no need to grieve for the loss of ancient records. Those that are yet to be discovered will assist to stimulate our memories rather than inform us.

The library of Alexandria held the records of Archimedes and others who had touched into the principles of the order and orientation of the Universe.

The knowledge, once incorporated into the human mindset, is available to all those of a similar ability as those who retrieved and formulated it.

Thus nothing is lost.

Knowledge of the Greek medicine containing the details of the bodily organs and their functions will be retrievable and demonstrable.

Give more time for reflection and less for attempting to discover recorded proof.”


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