Painting in the Ocean Shores Art Expo

There was a great community gathering last night at the Ocean Shores primary school. It’s the 13th Annual Ocean Shores Art Expo – an excellent annual event with high quality exhibits drawing local artists from the whole Byron Bay region. I have been here for 11 of Art Expos.

The painting I contributed this year is based on a photo I took some time ago at sunrise from my bedroom window looking across the South Golden Beach area towards the sea.  The school is somewhere down below in the dark area near the mangroves and the water.

This year all of the art works were asked to reflect the theme  ‘What matters’.

Hanging next to each art work and listed in the Art catalogue is the title and explanation of the artist’s response to the theme.

My painting for the 2016 Ocean Shores Art Show 'Capturing the Moment that Matters'

My painting for the 2016 Ocean Shores Art Show ‘Capturing the Moment that Matters’

I chose the title ‘Its Capturing the Moment that Matters’ and wrote:

“Let’s be alert to the moment, be it the instant of sunrise, an unexpected smile, a whiff of recognition,
a cry for help, a warning shot, a flash of transforming truth or a gesture of forgiveness!”

All that before the painting was started!

Today I will go back again when it is a bit quieter to have a good look at all the entries. There are several hundred if you include the art works from all the school kids.

There will be lots of activity as the school joins in with a Festival of Creativity – stalls,  games music and good food. Its a terrific community event and a credit to the organisers who work super hard every year.

The Expo winds up tomorrow afternoon. Luckily the weather is crisp and sunny.

Check out the artworks at the Ocean Shores Art Expo website.


3 thoughts on “Painting in the Ocean Shores Art Expo

  1. Carolyn Lyons

    Dear Elizabeth – thank you for your screed and your painting. It made me think immediately of: a jump off point to oblivion or knowledge – whichever we choose. Thank you again. Hope you are well. We are getting over the bad cold syndrome – not ‘flu, and I will be back on board tomorrow, hopefully. I say ‘hopefully’ as we buried a friend to-day who died of a heart attack within a few minutes. How fortunate was she?? Take care Love Carolyn



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