My first and highly improbable ET encounter

Saturday, 9th February 1985. Bellingen.

The Windgarden

The Windgarden, my home in Bellingen where the adventure began.

This is a modest account of my first and highly improbable ‘encounter’ with ‘beings’ from outer space.

It all began early one afternoon in February ’85 when I was sitting in my sunny bedroom where I often retreated to when I was feeling prompted to transcribe some channeling from the spiritual guide who had been teaching me telepathically over the last several months.

Even this statement probably requires some explanation as well!  But be patient – that will probably come later.

As I settled down to write, preparing for a flow of thoughts, I sensed something different – a strange, intense energy, and I also did not feel completely in control of my right arm or the pen in my hand.

initial automatic writing 9-2-1985 copy

Initial automatic writing gradually becoming legible words, February 1985.   ” ship is not in the bay — -“

I found myself scribbling large, sprawling attempts at letters, filling several pages before the first few words began to appear and make sense.

It was a very strange sensation and quite different from anything that I had ever experienced before when attempting to transcribe information coming through just as thought forms.

So this is what ‘automatic writing’ feels like!  I thought.

It was as if I had just answered the phone, and instead of hearing a familiar friendly voice at the other end, found I had a crossed line, and had accidentally intercepted someone’s frantic SOS message.

The first eligible words were scattered amongst seemingly random scribbled patterns rather like some sort of code    “-stock – the ship darlanieas — please help — — damage — starship– ship is not in the ban—-

(Luckily, I still have all the scribbling to prove it! even to myself.)

Finally a full, barely decipherable sentence emerged and more gradually followed.

“ The spaceship is still in orbit in this dimension and is needing to be observed in order to accomplish the task.

The destination of the vessel is already planned and it will be necessary to attempt a landing in your biosphere. Jettison the landing craft because of an absence of co-operative humans.

Send word to the master craft that we left the landing craft at the jettison point — communicate sounds – Meneleus”.

There was a pause, and then more:

“The visit is one of response to those trying to establish contact with us.
A meeting needs to happen in order to create an accurate and swift means of establishing contact and communication.

The visit is for the purpose of building up a network of people with whom we can work, and who are prepared to understand the nature of the partnership, so that when the time comes for the next stage of our work together, there will already be in place a clearly designed network of gridlines.

This will allow us to cohabit with you without causing the field of energy lines to be interfered with by those of you who are attempting to work with this energy without a sound understanding of the effects this can have on the biosphere, on our work, and on the links which have been built up during these days of cooperation and communication together.

Let your friends know about us immediately, giving the word ‘Meneleus’ to work with.

Let them know that the song of our craft is one of harmony and love – that there is nothing to fear.
Our anger is directed at those who attempt to interfere with our work and frustrate the design.”

A few more random patterns followed, then gradually everything felt calm again – whoever they were had ‘hung up’, and I was left trying to make sense of it all. I felt the need to get out of the house into the fresh air. I didn’t feel any fear, just momentary surprise and very curious.  I also wondered who it was they were really trying to contact.

I decided to drive out of town to visit a couple with whom I had been working, and who had much more experience of things esoteric than I had, hoping that they might be able to shed some light on what was going on.

In the meantime, my eldest daughter had come into town for a visit, found the house empty and papers scattered all over the carpet, tried to decipher them, and told me jokingly later on that she had felt a moment of concern that I may have been abducted!  Not worried enough to put out an alarm though, I noticed!

When I returned home, I tried meditating and reflecting on much that had happened over the last year.  Spiritual exploration had begun with reading and seminars, then discovering a group near Coffs Harbour who met regularly in a circle to listen to teachings coming through a medium, an older Englishwoman called Mary.

It seems that the guide that she channelled had been a Greek in an earlier lifetime, a feisty and amusing spiritual teacher called Simpica. Together, they had quite a local following and as a result, several groups sprang up in the area, keen to learn to do the same.

Mary and I became friends and through her encouragement, I gradually developed enough confidence and ability to bring through knowledge and counselling myself and to help me to connect with my own spiritual guide, a Native American chieftain who had already identified himself as Bright Star of the Prairie.

One of my happiest activities during the previous year and up till now was to practice and learn to speak and  write what he taught me, and to share that with others within a protected circle.

What had happened on that Saturday had been a very different experience. Up till that time I knew very little about the UFO phenomenon or spiritual guidance.

For a week or so beforehand, I had been reading a book which was going the rounds, published only twelve months before, called “The Star Seed Transmissions – an extra-terrestrial report”, by Raphael.

A few of us who came together for weekly circles for meditation and personal and planetary healing work and guidance, were thinking of getting together and discussing what we were discovering from it – A sort of book club with a difference!

What I was reading was expanding my understanding of our place in the cosmos at a dizzying rate, but so far it held very little specific information about beings from other planets and galaxies.

Just the day before, I had asked the question internally ‘what are extra-terrestrials?  Are they a form of angels? Maybe more human like beings?

This is the answer I heard, and recorded in my diary:

” We are you yourselves in the distant past and the distant future.
We are you as you were, would have been and still are had you not fallen from your original state of grace.

We exist in a parallel universe of non-form, experiencing what you would have experienced if you have not become associated with the materialising process. We are the reflection of your form  before and after matter.”

That sounded very profound but it did little to help me understand what was going on ‘in the real world’ right now!

I didn’t feel ready to accept that I may have been ‘contacted’ by someone from space in spite of the fact that earlier in the day, I had caught sight of what looked like a small spacecraft on the horizon to the north above the ridgeline of the mountain nearby.

I was feeling sceptical and confused so I decided to forget about it all for the time being and get on with more pressing matters.  I had just had news that my mother who lived in Sydney had broken her pelvis so I began to make plans to visit her.

Finally, exhausted by the day’s events, I started to relax and became drowsy.  Bright moonlight was coming through my window and I remembered a strange sketch I had felt prompted to draw of a tiny being caught within a vortex of light energy, solemnly observed by an eagle.

This had happened a few nights ago on the Full Moon. I had also recorded the accompanying words that had sung me that same evening:

“The moon being is alight with desire.
The drama of her story is the Song of Songs, the Epic of Epics.
The chorus of angelic beings will sing it for you.
Listen as you see them and you will hear the music deep within you.
Dream of her beauty and her desperation.
Let your mind dissolve into the mists of the phantom cloak which surrounds her, swirling deeper into the silence.

The Eye of the Eagle perceives the glimmer of light penetrating the mist.
Beauty abounds – even in the abyss.
The silence unravels, and the music of unsung melodies is released into the void.

Sleep as the moon’s rays penetrate your psyche and bring it into the light.
The mysteries, the lost wisdom, the secret of the ages, the Truth, the Light by which all is illuminated.”


A tiny being caught in a vortex of light , solemnly observed by the eagle.

I re-read it, visualizing the tiny trapped moon being.

Was there some connection here to the day’s events? A premonition maybe? No point in puzzling about it.   After all, the final words in the song were reassuring.

Finally a feeling of calmness and peace and protection enveloped me and I fell into a deep sleep.



Sunday 10th February.

It had been a long day, mainly occupied with family matters, and it was not until late evening that I finally let my mind be drawn back to the events of the previous day.

Bellinger River crossing in Thora

Bellinger River crossing in the Thora valley west of Bellingen

What really held my attention was when I recalled a day several months back when I visited a friend up in the Thora valley.

While we were sitting quietly in the garden together, we both sensed that we had company, A being introduced himself as ‘the space brother John.’

He suggested we remain calm, nothing to fear — he said that he had come simply to let us know in advance that his team wanted to begin working with us – in a spirit of love and cooperation.  Said that if we were to see a green luminescent glow along the horizon at any time in the future, that this would indicate the arrival of their spacecraft.   That was it!

We didn’t know quite what to make of this, but later on we did pass this message on to a few others, causing raised eyebrows as well as some interest. – after that I didn’t think any more about it not imaging for a moment anything would come of it.  Little did I imagine!.

Finally I decided to stop resisting, sat in silence for a bit, then ask my friend Bright Star for some guidance on the matter.

He seemed to know what was going on. His response was positive and encouraging.

He assured me:  “that the strength that comes from working within the circle would be the way to sustain my will and develop my power of concentration on the task that was at hand, and that would give me enough confidence in my own intuitive purpose to make the requisite plans to assist the space people effectively and spontaneously! “

I do trust him when I hear him clearly, so that advice seemed to give the story so far a modicum of legitimacy!

He went on to say:   “The way will be made easier when the mission is understood.

The task of gathering together those to whom you feel a link and know will be working with you will need the cooperation of each group member, once you tell them what has transpired and share the message that you have received with them.
Working together in a circle with your friends in the past has generated the appropriate contacts that you have been asked to gather together. Once done, the mission of discovering the purpose at hand can begin.  Continue with the plan to bring together those studying the book as well.

The task of selecting those who are to meet together will come together effortlessly.

The dawn from my study/bedroom window

The dawn from my study/bedroom window

Do not hesitate. The time is fortuitous and the fruit of the exercise will be extended beyond the boundaries of your imagination!  Sleep now for tomorrow is already dawning “.

He reminded me that loving is about doing and being without expectation of others, to use wisdom discreetly in guiding others, and to remember that the means must always be as beautiful and trustworthy as the end!   No small order!!

” Bless your efforts”   he concluded -‘’and praise be to all who cooperate in this great work of restoration of love to the planet”.

On Monday I spent much of the day phoning friends and co-workers, explaining what had happened on Saturday and gathering together a group who would be ready to respond in the event of further developments relating to what we now believed was a stranded spacecraft not far out of town towards the foot of the Dorrigo mountain.

Tuesday the 12th of February.

I woke the next morning feeling rested and clear, had a good breakfast, and soon felt a

 a secluded corner on the Windgarden verandah.

a secluded corner on the Windgarden verandah.

strong sense that it was time for the next transmission.

I found a comfortable spot out on the verandah, pen and paper at the ready, and words began to come relatively easily and legibly, but still with a certain feeling of intensity.

Message No.2:  

“Deleadanus calls for assistance to the mother-craft and notes that the need for speed and cooperation is desperate.
The timing of the landing is now in the hands of the earth people who have heard us and have seen the signs of our presence.
The landing will be immediately after the Moon/Sun Square in order to avoid the offensive caused during this aspect.
Watch for our light in the area of the Mountain pass during the evening hours.
Send your loving energy towards us and we will be more able to communicate with each of the earth people willing to hear us and help us.
Our task is a delicate one and this sphere you have sketched indicates our orbit as we circle around the area known to you as the Terrania, where we will work to free our flight brothers from a gravitational impasse.
The energy moves in an orbiting spiral and transcends the point of departure by leaving its endpoint in a triple helix spiral and finishing in a mistiness of vaporised molecules.”

space craft's orbit copyThe message concluded with the greeting “ Selama Salome.” written slowly and carefully in large letters.

I sat for a while trying to make sense of the message. My limited study of physics certainly wasn’t much help!

It was time to call in a couple of friends and we recognised the need to organize a circle that evening after the Sun/Moon Square had passed.

We met at 5:30 PM, spending a little time down in the lower part of my garden near the fairy ring. It took a little time to fill everybody in and the discussion went off in all sorts of directions. Why didn’t we just go searching for the craft if it was really there? Was it safe to be dabbling in this sort of thing — most stories of aliens were pretty negative — abductions and experiments on animals, and so on. How would we know what we could really do to help?

There were lots of theories and no experts on hand to provide answers. Nevertheless a feeling of goodwill finally prevailed – even excitement.  Someone suggested that we start with a little chanting and dancing together as we often did, and we gradually relaxed and spontaneously settled into a quiet circle in the garden, and began to meditate.

5-10-2014 51235 PMInformation slowly began to flow in.  We were told to be aware of the ET presence through a sense of heat in the third eye and to respond with gentle oscillating head movements rather like a sensory scanner, which was part of their way of  ‘seeing’.

Allowing this would help them to communicate to and through us. They seemed to be saying that this was a sensory tool that we too could use independently of them.

We were told that we were all being monitored telepathically as to whether it will be appropriate for us to meet with them on a physical level at a later stage, and suggested the possibility of such an encounter for some.  We were then asked to imagine the web lines of a fine energy grid surrounding the earth, and to ‘see’ where it had been broken, and then to re-weave it with silver threads of light and love.

We often worked with the energy of quartz crystals when visualising healing the planet, and we were now prompted to place six beautiful large crystals which we had with us in the centre of the circle, pointing outwards like the petals of a flower, creating a fountain of energy flowing up from the earth’s centre and flowing down through us into the earth again.

The feeling of being a part of this spiraling vortex of energy was very unifying and powerful, and we formed spontaneously into a wheel, with our left arms acting as spokes, pointing into the centre, as if drawing the life force out from the Source and feeling it flow out through our extended right arms.

This created an extraordinary experience — difficult to describe — of at once being totally interconnected in stillness and in silence, at the same time as energy flowed in and out, connecting us through the centre and around the circle.

Without so many words, we were helped to know ourselves as being part of something vaster than a limited physical world.  This in turn helped us to accept the presence of beings who wanted us to know of their existence, their loving intent, their power to enter into our world, and even to take on physical appearance when it was appropriate.

We were urged to learn both from within as well as through the transcriptions already given, and where we found divergence, not to be confused, but to allow our minds to intuit the sense of it.

We had made a tentative beginning in getting to know one another, and we admitted to experiencing a feeling of trust and anticipation as well.  It was time to go back to our homes, get on with our normal lives and wait patiently for further developments.

The next few days for me were like living in a strange mix of magic and the mundane.  When I could find time time, I continued to read more of the Starseed Transmissions.

I was also curious about the salutation  ‘Selama  Salome’  which had come at the end of the second message.  I had heard it in my mind, said with the emphasis on the last syllable of Salome, just a little bit like my name, Shirley, and I already knew that it was a name often used in Biblical times.

Fire Fly Track

The magical Fire Fly Track just up the hill near the house where there was often  swarms of fire- flies. This was once the route along which Cobb and Co.would travel west

On Thursday evening, I lit a candle and sat for a while and meditated.

This brought a visit from the Fire Flame fairy who let me experience her firefly flight, flitting through the flame, flickering and flitting! and causing the candle to send out a swift bright spark to greet me!

It was then that I remembered the day when I went to the local ashram up in the valley because the renowned teacher, Swami Satchidananda was visiting.

I had never thought of changing my name to a Sanskrit name as many were doing at this time, but I found when I went there that there was the opportunity, for a modest donation of say $10, to meet personally with the guru and  receive one’s spiritual name, as well as a personal symbol and mantra.

He wrote down  that my name was Sadananda,  my mantra was Om Hreem,  and my symbol was the Fire Flame — the Creative Energy!

It  meant little to me at the time.   Now I was able to make the connection between the name Sadananda and the name of the fire elementals — salamanders!

Sadananda —   salamander — Salome!!

‘Selama Salome”  then said my friend and brother from the team of space workers present at this time in the valley.

” Thus do we greet you, our sister and co-worker. Thus do we hail you and sing our song together. Glory to the Divine. Om Hreem!”

On Friday evening a group of seven of us came together for our regular weekly active meditation.  This practice had been happening for several months now, moving from one house to another until it had finally settled at my home — the Windgarden.

It turned into a very light and joyful experience.  The Spirit of Joy was there, and the dolphins came in their spirit bodies from the ocean and we found ourselves clicking and laughing and swaying as their sounds echoed through us.  They had made their presence felt at other times, but never with such a strong sense of their vibrant loving presence.

It is said that the whales and the dolphins come from the Blue Star, Sirius, so we found their visit at this time very reassuring as the space travellers had already indicated that they too were from Sirius.

Later I recorded a teaching about peace and love which had emanated through them:

” Peace is experienced in those moments of total inner harmony when the dynamic of all the interacting and inter relating aspects of the One are in balance.

This experience is what you describe as Love and it is all-encompassing and all-powerful.   Love is the pink flame which burns bright in the heart of man. It is dimmed when he ceases to trust and when he allows fear to enter. It is restored when the forces of light within his being are triumphant.

Peace is a dynamic balance between the divine and the human.  It is born of truth wisdom and understanding and nurtured by love.  It is more than just the absence of conflict. It exists when the creative energy of the universe is expressed through us in total harmony with the Universal Laws of creation.

We will find it when we release our sense of separateness and surrender to the whole.
When we step forth in trust.  When we risk loving first without demanding reciprocation.     When we sing songs of peace and love without demanding an applauding audience.

When one seeks unity through sharing and is the first to share.   When one dissolves the laws of separation and privilege, and seeks first to make peace with the conflicting desires within one’s own nature.”

Sunday.17th February. Message 3.

Finally, early on Sunday morning the next message came:

“This day is one of preparation for connecting with those who will meet together tomorrow in the evening.
The team of workers from the earth plane is to be alerted today and is to meet, with your cooperation, at a point where we shall be able to demonstrate our presence through the use of light and other connections of the mind and thoughts to our ours, through scanning and singing.
The task before you at the moment is one of selection of participants.

The criteria are as follows — trustworthiness, dependability, conscientiousness, awareness, and a sense of the true nature of our work, an ability to transmit information – and an ability to love.

Seek out those who would cooperate – the number is to be ten as before.
When you have created a map we will continue with the directions. Work now on connecting with your friends”.

The task of choosing the ten created a minefield.   By now the word had spread and there were plenty of volunteers, so Inner guidance and tact were called for.   By afternoon everything was in place for the second gathering of the group agreeing to participate so it was time to sit and record further instructions and then share the information.

“This message is from the father of the little space travellers caught by the absence of light warning systems in the meridian past the ocean line closest to the Mountain pass.

A trained human will decipher the coding when it is discovered near our landing site.

Please be ready to call your friends together again when we land about the same time as the moon phase known to you as the last quarter.  Check the location on your map – it will be to the north of your river and to the east of the mountain pass.

We will be waiting for a sign from the ocean master to allow the tides to correspond with each landing in a way, which permits us to make best use of the barometric pressure and the light available from the moon and the star systems.

Give each person whom you trust to meet together to work on the project enough time to assimilate the idea of the possibility of contact with beings of a kind requiring some adjustment of your perceptive senses to be able to understand and communicate with us.

Our methods of communication are more rapid and efficient as our schedules are created by computerised thought forms planned at the outset of the voyage and transmitted by computerised telegraph through the light beams of our mother craft to each of the individual ‘saucers’ as you like to call them.

When we gain sufficient knowledge of the way in which you are able to respond to our presence and cooperate with us, we will proceed to instruct you according to the way we desire your cooperation in our endeavour to effect repairs and stabilise the energy network in preparation for a major landing.

This is scheduled for a time yet to be decided upon — there are several contingency plans and the earliest likely time is before the next full moon.

The purpose of a major landing is to ensure that the grid-lines can be relied upon to allow safe passage to and from this area at any time and under whatever weather conditions are currently prevailing.


The majestic Mount of Warning, Wollumbin – just visible through the trees north west of us

This will be the first such landing and it will require your cooperation. – There will be fear in the Valley and in the Mountain area and further north towards the great Mountain of Warning.

Gathering together to meet with wise and true timely intervention by those who understand, and are able to reassure those who will be with us can modify the reaction we anticipate.

The time is ripe for a few to have this experience. Before much time passes others will be anxious to be of help to us.

No one need fear us—you, yourself are already convinced of this, and we appreciate your assistance, dearest sister from the home of all true space travellers — the great Star Sirius. and the nearer one known as B.

The elves work with you when you sleep to help you weave a web of past memory.

Blessings be upon you and yours – sleep profoundly in trust, we are your friends and co-workers and lovers for we are truly your guardians.

Praise be to all those who sing the Lord’s name for they will together join in the Holy of Holies when the task is done!”

Dorrigo Mountain

Dorrigo Mountain, which we later came to call Mara.

It had taken some discussion to decide on a meeting place for the gathering.

A couple of us made a little sortie out along the main road west of Bellingen till we reached the bridge crossing the Bellinger River.

Once across the river, the road forks, the left branch continuing west, winding along the north side of the river through the Thora Valley, while the other road winds up the Dorrigo mountain till it reaches the plateau above, and heads for Armidale.

We scanned the area telepathically at the foot of the mountain close to the river to an area where we had been directed to meet, and received a strong confirmation that this was a where the little craft was trapped.

We made no attempt to leave the roadside. It had been made really clear to us that it would help no one if people went looking for it. In fact, the area just to the north of us felt as if it was blocked off by a strong psychic barrier.

Luckily for us, a friend of ours lived in a small cottage built by the riverside near this intersection — she was an artist, and I had often gone to her home for life-drawing classes.

On hearing our story, she agreed to allow us to gather together there in her home that evening. moving westThere were very few houses in the vicinity and it felt just right for our little mission.

By the time evening came we were feeling really excited even though we had no real idea as to what was expected of us, but trusting that if we gathered together in a circle in meditation, all would be made clear.

The ten made up an interesting group, almost as many men as women, which was a little unusual. My eldest daughter and her partner were among them.

We found that we would not be able to work out of doors because it had been raining most of the day – not unusual, as this was the wet season and storm clouds had started to roll in again.  This also meant that there would not be any chance of seeing any activity in the sky, as some people had hoped for!

Everyone had followed their little map and had arrived promptly and assembled quietly into a circle.

We asked to be surrounded by protective light, and opened up to whatever it was that was required of us.

For a while that was simply a beautiful silence, and then we gradually began chanting together.

4-10-2014 40357 PMSoon the heavens started to really open up — a fierce electrical storm set in — lightning, thunder and lashing winds roaring all around us.

It certainly wasn’t what we had been expecting.

Our toning too began to increase in volume, blending with the outer tempest till it felt as if we would be the ones to be lifting off as we created an increasingly powerful crescendo of sound and emotion.

By this time we had risen to our feet as one, firmly gripping one another’s hands and becoming a unifying vortex of vibrating sound and energy, the like of which I have never experienced before or since.

We and the storm seemed to reach fever pitch together and then just as suddenly it all stopped and everything became still again.

It was all over, and it seemed that whatever it was that needed to happen had happened!   Mission accomplished!

The experience left us with a plethora of mixed emotions, almost laughing and crying, exhilarated and exhausted, embracing one another and giving thanks.  It was a relief to step outside and feel the cool bracing night air on our faces and see the stars beginning to appear as the skies cleared.  The valley felt as if it was back to normal – no longer any off-planet visitors. Our new-found friends had returned home!

The next morning I woke with both a great sense of relief, and something of an anticlimax.   I was also hoping we would receive a report from our space friends, giving us some understanding of what had eventuated and, if successful, how had this been achieved?

I was not to be disappointed.

View from the verandah of the Windgarden

View from the verandah of the Windgarden

During the morning I took my pen and paper and went out into the shadiest part of my verandah, looking out over the rooftops of the village towards the Dorrigo mountain and relived the experience of the night before.

Soon the communication began to flow, the words appearing on the page quite clearly and effortlessly — such a difference to how it had been during our first encounter only 10 days ago.

During this time, I had regularly filed the sheaf of pages – all scribbled on butcher’s paper which have since yellowed with age, still full of instructions  which I still treasure today.  It was time for a review but I was in no hurry to write.  I needed to get my breath back and get everything into perspective.

A full report  could come later.

Tuesday the 18th of February.

A report confirming the success of our collaboration with the Space people in rescuing  the craft caught at the foot of Dorrigo mountain..

What an extraordinary we had lived through over the last couple of weeks. It took a day or two to settle down and digest it all and prepare for receiving feedback from my new found friends.

These were the wonderful  words I received to help us understand what had happened.

“The echoes of the music reverberating through the spheres form like a sphere flowing forever outward from a point of light — The sounds are banding waves of light-matter flowing out through the Cosmos, gathering force as they blend with other sounds of a similar wave-length so creating a force field of energy which can be used to propel matter.

Your song and our song together created such a force field and allowed the craft to gather enough momentum to lift out of the area where it had become enmeshed and is now able to continue with its work at a speed which will create an effective web strength and energy distribution.

Your cooperation and your loving acceptance of our directions will be treasured and appreciated and recounted to others with much joy and celebration.

Our link with you is now strongly bonded. We will respect it and use it only in ways which will enhance our partnership in this adventure of restoration and balance.

The next encounter with your group will be determined by the weather pattern and the tidal flow and the moon position in combination.

Continue with your regular circles as we respect them as having a separate function of learning and cleansing and healing.

The book which we desire you to read is for the purpose of familiarising yourself with concepts which we can then transmit more readily. Request its use before the next meeting.”

(This refers to the Book of Enoch)

Lunchtime on Friday,  –  heavy rain had settled in again, so after completing a few more notes in my diary, I passed the rest of the day relaxing and daydreaming, lulled by the mesmerising sound of rain beating down on the tin roof of my wonderful old home which I had been lucky enough to find a couple of years ago. It had been built up on hill of strong local timber about the turn-of-the-century on a back road going out of town allowing the Cobb and Co. coaches to travel further inland.

It had a large unkempt garden sloping down the hillside and a variety of fine old trees, some of them certainly older than the house itself. I had called it The Windgarden –‘ For the wind is the breath of God’! I was told — A perfect place to commune with nature or even to create a healing centre!

Saturday. The next morning the weather was clear again, and it felt good to go down to the ocean.

Tuckers Rock

Tuckers Rocks – a quiet beach south of Coffs Harbour

I packed up my swimmers and a selection of my crystals and headed east through Repton to an isolated beach called Tucker’s Rocks — an ideal place to give the crystals a soak in the rock pools while I had a swim. Life was truly beautiful.

There had been so much happening in the last few weeks — the meditations had been profoundly moving, the adventure with the space friends extraordinary, and my own consciousness seemed to be changing daily.

After I arrived home I felt a nudge to take further instructions. It now seemed that going over to the ocean hadn’t just been my idea. This is what I recorded next.

Saturday afternoon 23 February.

east-west leyline along dorrigo plateau ridge

East-west leyline along Dorrigo plateau ridge

”The route that you have taken is one which will be used for transmitting signals to the mother ship from a landing site near to the mountain pass and along the ley line,
passing through the Gleniffer Valley,
Repton and
Tuckers Rocks pathway.

The work which you did is to be used to prepare to repair the grid line
which has been damaged by the constant traffic and the fabrication of dwellings at critical points.

The highway can be crossed by the rise of boulders placed at certain points,
or by changing the position of rocks to reach and all the energy.
Your friends can do this discreetly
when we have
found a method to clearly convey what is needed and where.

TUCKER'S ROCKS4-10-2014 4142PM

..and to Tucker’s Rocks

The method of determining this will require cooperation from each of us and each of you.
As you are equally creative in your own way, and it is within your capacity to devise methods of assisting us once you understand the nature of the task.

Refer to the book for inspiration and understanding. Preconceptions coming from the talks may confuse you.
Just delve, seek and you shall find etc”.

Later on in the evening Bright Star was there for me, to answer some of my unspoken concerns and to put things in perspective, for which I was really grateful.

” The work has taken a new turn — there is now a greater and more direct link with the space beings and this necessitates working constantly on keeping centred in order to avoid misusing the abilities as they increase each day.
Being able to Intuit, to foresee, and to feel the energy of another brings with it a corresponding responsibility.

The knowledge derived from the inner senses is sacred knowledge.
Its use must be sacred also — that is to say that the use to which it is put is that of the inner work to which each one is dedicated.

Learning to channel this knowledge clearly and accurately, to hear it with the ears attuned to the truth, requires constant vigilance.

Take note when there are feelings of negativity accompanying the relaying of information regarding one another, and once this is observed, either discontinue, or pause in order to allow yourself to connect from your heart centre.

The method for doing this is to align with the eternal flame – it is your symbol, and the chant given to you by Satydananda is also useful.
Alternatively, simply use the words Love, Peace and Understanding, as these carry with them much power through constant use.”

More follows re the power of language etc.

Much debriefing occurred during the following week

A major communication came from the space beings from Sirius in late February as a result.

“Dispel any fear that we may invade your area and compel you to work in any way which is contrary to your own will and your own desire.

Be fearless in the way that you work.
Doubt not that any of your guardians would seek to persuade you to exercise your desire nature in a non-effective way.

When you are more confident, we shall begin to impart teachings, which will be able to be effectively transmitted by you to others.

So let us begin our first teaching with the topic:

 ” Transmutation of Living Organisms”

This process is one of biological importance.
It is certain to be more widely known in the minds of people who are guided by scientific principles, and where each person discovers his own origin, then each will be more able to comprehend the possibility of transmutation into another form, and so will be willing to cooperate with us in the creation of another body.

This work is affected firstly by using the energy that enhances and vitalises the body.
This needs to be refined and gradually altered, the vibration becoming less physically expressive.

This is effected through being in a higher state of vibration for longer periods each day, and through this gradual shift, it is possible for us to feed in the energy which shall be used to effect the saturation of the molecules of the whole being with the more subtle vibration.

The conscious co-operation of a soul seeking to make this transition will be used to transform the physical and etheric bodies initially.
When this is completed, the next task is to arouse the consciousness of the mental body, which has hitherto been constrained by logic, allowing it to expand in awareness through exercises of the imagination i.e. visualization and feats of memory relating to the past and the future and the unknown areas of consciousness.
These include the subconscious, the unconscious and the super conscious.

Be aware that to do this effectively, it is first necessary to be quite open to the experience of inner change, and to have experienced a degree of self-transformation from working with others on refining the mind, and avoiding the gross vibrations of the physical and mental activities stimulated by the use of drugs and chemical stimulants.

The change is, of necessity, one which will be gradual and irreversible.

It is usually more readily effected by those whose spiritual will has been stimulated by thoughts of service, and is then understood as a work of refinement, needed in order to more readily channel the energies of the Cosmos being directed at this time — for the purpose of altering the consciousness of the planetary being, and also of those who are joining together to alter the life forms of the planet.

The understanding, which comes as a result of being affected by these vibrations, will then in turn be used to alter others.

Once you have grasped our purpose in teaching you, you will more happily allow these ideas to be transmitted through you, with no fear of being ridiculed and thought to be dangerously different. Be prepared to teach as you yourself are taught, and allow no fear to impede your instructions.

Be more aware of the opportunities which present in conversation. Be ready to impart what you know, as you allow others to open up to you and to ask for understanding from you.

In this town of Bellingen, there are many who would learn if the opportunity for the learning was presented to them.

The format is not yet prepared for you.
The task for you at this time is to increase your confidence in relating to others warmly through the heart so that you are more able to reach the mind through the heart centre.
Then the requests will follow.

It will not be necessary for you to attempt to allow others to be your mentors, for the need for this means of exchange can result in watered down thoughts and teachings.

Yes — the way to form a teaching focus and a healing focus is to have the space to devote to this purpose.

Space for a sanctuary in the Windgarden

Space for a sanctuary in the Windgarden

The building needed is one which is rounded and multifaceted, with light, an even temperature, warm colours and soft furnishings.

The garden of your home is ready for this structure and time is now right to effect it.

The builders will come and will understand the use, and will be used to create the most appropriate form as you work together.

The light, which is directed into your mind as you plan this venture, will be from the source of creative spirit, which is available to you as you draw upon our help.

Plan nothing before requesting this assistance.
Many will be available to guide your plans effectively.”

To be continued.                                                       Elizabeth Crennan 2014

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