ET and Interplanetary Info

Extra Terrestrial Connections and Interplanetary Information

TUCKER'S ROCKS4-10-2014 4142PM

The time has come for me to pull out from my treasure chest an old file labeled ‘Interplanetary Jottings 1985’, dust it off, extract a sheaf of yellowing pages headed ‘Ist Encounters’, and share the story that they tell.

They have remained there for a good 30 years because, until quite recently it could be quite a risk to one’s credibility to claim any sort of experience indicating that we humans on our little planet  ‘are not alone’!  And what’s worse, to express the opinion that even if we aren’t,  there is nothing to be frightened of!

Back at that time, I found it quite a challenge to grasp and assimilate what had occurred, let alone attempt to explain it to others – I did try! – So I put the notes back in the folder, confident that the day would come when it would be no big deal to talk of such things, and even more, that it could become important to do so.

Friendly Observers?

 A fleet of friendly Observers?

Apart from the fact that these days I am much better at handling what people think of me than way back then — remember that saying that what people think of me is none of my business! — It now feels like time to acknowledge that times have changed.

More and more people are coming to accept that there are indeed other civilizations living on planets and star systems throughout this galaxy who are not only aware and interested in our existence, but who recognise that we have got ourselves and mother earth into quite a lot of trouble, and are willing and able to help.

space craft's orbit copySharing the ‘My first and highly improbable ET encounter’ experience is going to be quite a challenge for me, but it is one contribution that I would like to make towards opening up a conversation about other galactic civilizations and  our relationship with our off-planet friends, and questioning  where we belong in the scheme of things in this little corner of our universe.

Related experiences and information are gradually being added, including:  A postscript to the space-craft rescue mission


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