Sleep Advice

Lots of people seem to have fluctuating  sleep  patterns at the moment which can be quite debilitating. It seems to be accompanied by bouts of sleepiness at unusual times of the day, and I have found that if I respond to the need for a nanny nap I usually have a more productive day in the long run than if I try to push through and ignore it.

The pressure caused by our perception of time speeding up seems to be one problem causing us to be continually adjusting to how we get through each day.  Systematic planning  seems to be out of the picture so there are plenty of lessons in flexibility and patience confronting us on a regular basis if we are to keep stress to a minimum.

I have just come across this article on what was entitled Sleep Hygiene amongst my papers, so I am sharing it as one practical contribution in helping maintain a healthy balance from day to day.

Odd health symptoms which come and go also seem to be a part of the story as well and I have found that knowing that this is happening for others as well as myself, and not giving in to too much anxiety while giving myself  plenty of care is working well for me.

sleep advice

sleep advice