My latest writing – Italy, the Olympics and village life in Abruzzo

 horse riding

The venue of the horse riding events surrounded by the beautiful Villa Borghese Gardens. The Ozzie riders were the heroes of the day, winning gold despite major challenges.

Thinking of the Brazil Olympics as I reflect on my time in Italy at the Rome Games in 1960.

I  have enjoyed myself recently completing an account of my time in Italy in my twenties. It was great to think about that very special time of my life. I was winding down from my European adventure after two years by visiting Rome for the 1960 Summer Olympics and then recovering with a taste of village life in the hills of  Abruzzo with my friend Peppino … join me for the story as I shared it with my family through letters home all those years ago.

It seems just the right time to share it on my blog, only a few days to go till the 2016 Summer Olympics begin in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, with daily dramas continuing to unfold, reflecting what’s happening in the world at large.

Looking back to Rome in 1960 it all seemed  to be a much more innocent time – a great world sporting  event with lots of excitement as I remember it but without the hype,  the big money, the politics  and the media drama.

Let’s wish the Brazilians success on all levels as they strive to make us welcome, athletes and visitors alike!

It is such a beautiful country and they are making every effort to overcome considerable challenges, many not just of their own making.




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