A Teaching on the Transmutation of Living Organisms

Teachings from Bright Star following on from  the ET adventure  and preparing for the creation of a teaching and healing centre in Bellingen. N.S.W.  1985.

 ” Transmutation of Living Organisms”

” This process is one of biological importance
certain to be more widely known in the minds of people who are guided by scientific principles,  but when each person discovers the source of his own origin, then each will be more able to comprehend the possibility of transmutation into another form, and so will be willing to cooperate with us in the creation of another body.

This work is affected firstly by using the energy that enhances and vitalises the body.
This needs to be refined and gradually altered, the vibration becoming less physically expressive.

This is effected through being in a higher state of vibration for longer periods each day, and through this gradual shift, it is possible for us to feed in the energy which shall be used to effect the saturation of the molecules of the whole being with the more subtle vibration.

The conscious co-operation of a soul seeking to make this transition will be used to transform the physical and etheric bodies initially.

When this is completed, the next task is to arouse the consciousness of the mental body, which has hitherto been constrained by logic, allowing it to expand in awareness through exercises of the imagination i.e. visualization and feats of memory relating to the past and the future and the unknown areas of consciousness.
These include the subconscious, the unconscious and the super-conscious.

Be aware that to do this effectively, it is first necessary to be quite open to the experience of inner change, and to have experienced a degree of self-transformation from working with others on refining the mind, and avoiding the gross vibrations of the physical and mental activities stimulated by the use of drugs and chemical stimulants.

The change is, of necessity, one which will be gradual and irreversible.

It is usually more readily effected by those whose spiritual will has been stimulated by thoughts of service, and is then understood as a work of refinement, needed in order to more readily channel the energies of the Cosmos that are being directed at this time for the purpose of altering the consciousness of the Planetary Being, and also of those who are joining together to alter the life forms of the Planet.

The understanding that comes as a result of being affected by these vibrations will then in turn be used to alter others.

Once you have grasped our purpose in teaching you,  you will more happily allow these ideas to be transmitted through you, with no fear of being ridiculed and thought to be dangerously different. Be prepared to teach as you yourself are taught, and allow no fear to impede your instructions.

Be more aware of the opportunities which present in conversation. Be ready to impart what you know, as you allow others to open up to you and to ask for understanding from you.

There are many amongst you who would learn if the opportunity for the learning was presented to them.

The format is being prepared for you.
The task for you at this time is to increase your confidence in relating to others warmly through the heart so that you are more able to reach the mind through the heart centre.
Then the requests will follow.

It will not be necessary for you to attempt to allow others to be your mentors, for the need for this means of exchange can result in watered down thoughts and teachings.

Yes — the way to form a teaching focus and a healing focus is to have the space to devote to this purpose.

Space for a sanctuary in the Windgarden

The quiet space chosen in the lower part of the Windgarden shaded by tall old trees –  ideal  for a healing and teaching sanctuary.

The building needed is one which is rounded and multifaceted, with light, an even temperature, warm colours and soft furnishings.

The garden of your home is ready for this structure and time is now right to effect it.

The builders will come and will understand the use, and will be used to create the most appropriate form as you work together.

The Light, which is directed into your mind as you plan this venture, will be from the source of creative spirit, which is available to you as you draw upon our help.

Plan nothing before requesting this assistance.  Many will be available to guide your plans effectively.”

To be continued.