Celebrating Bamboo – an Encounter with the Bamboo Deva

Ever had a conversation with the Bamboo deva?  This is how it happened to me : –

One day back in the 90’s when I was planning to create a meditation hut in a secluded corner in  the Windgarden – our home in Bellingen –  I set out with a friend to head down Bamboo road not far out of town to check out a large stand of bamboo. We heard that it could be just the thing to use as a framework for the Tipi.

We found a magnificent stand tucked away in the bush. I had never seen anything like it, so tall and strong and beautiful to look at.  It momentarily  reduced us both to silence!

As we stood listening to the wind whistling gently through the cluster the sound gradually turned into warm words of welcome  – and here is a verbatim record of the exchange that followed, as I brought through the words while my friend  recorded it.


A miniature bamboo screen in my garden

” The Spirit of Bamboo welcomes you both as you  feel her presence. She is in service as a provider of shelter and  decoration — a source of beauty and strength, lightness and linear force, a symbol of the wind-beings expressed in nature because. through her, they are able to sing, and their song becomes more audible as her organ pipes allow the harmonies to develop and expand”

We wondered how the stand of bamboo came to be growing so abundantly being so closely surrounded by eucalypts and several Moreton Bay figs? What did the Devas see as its purpose there?

” We are happiest growing in an environment which is protected and sheltered from very strong winds and too much sun.  The eucalypts give us their protection, and the presence of the figs is conducive to its growth. They bring in a grounding energy, strong and powerful, with which it can align with the suckers’ need for rains, and also ensure the absence of too much human interference, as well as animals that are tempted by our succulent shoots.”

We are then told    ” You have been drawn to the right spot for this meeting together in order to develop your awareness and knowledge of us. Those of you who are becoming skilled craftsmen will be drawn to work more with us, and will be inspired to see to it that our species is increased on this continent.

An awareness of our usefulness and desire to serve Man is extended to those who will use what our bodies provide, wisely and temperately and with gratitude.”

Bamboo avenue crystal castle Mullumbimby” We have been known as a sacred and holy species in the East because our spiritual strength and lightness brings with it feelings of aspiration.

Human eyes, hearts and minds are drawn upwards, following the beautiful lines of our form.     We have spoken already of the songs that may be heard as you sit within the aura of a clump such as you see before you now.

We also give protection to many animals, insects and reptiles.

It is wise to select appropriate places for our growth. — We like to be free of winter frosts, and to grow in secluded places such as this one. wherever possible.  If you have chosen wisely, we will do the rest!

As you are aware we come in many different sizes and forms, and therefore our cultivation can be quite extensive, the smaller species being able to be included in domestic environments where our spirit will provide benefit if cultivated with love as it is here in this beautiful place.


Cooperation with other plant species.

Look about you. Eucalypts enjoy our presence and welcome a species whose devas can dance together with us on this continent, and so strengthen the bonds between us both.

You have noted the new interconnectedness that brings a sense of harmony between us. Observe the strong linear upward movement which we have in common.  Even the leaves of both species have something in common in their patterns.

We each support the other and bring the energy up from the earth in a similar way. There is also an inter-continental connection strengthened by our companionship, and that should serve as an inspiration for those of you who are drawn beyond your own shores, as your strength of brotherhood with other peoples increases.

We can also inspire you with feelings of courage and truth when you feel fragile, not so strong in body — just look at us and our strength, which is not diminished in any way by our lightness.     It comes from the sap of life which flows through us. This is our strength, and so it is for you also.”

I then ask if the leaves have medicinal properties, and she suggests following this up at another time, as it has not yet been explored sufficiently in this country.

She says that their vibration can be accessed through creating a flower essence, and an extraction system can also be explored, also suggesting studying their life cycle, and learn something of their spiralling strength.

The Bamboo Deva then draws attention to the distress felt by the Eucalypts by the way we humans have taken sides against one another — those who see nothing wrong with indiscriminate and insensitive culling, versus  those who would protect the Eucalypt Forests.

She has observed both groups often coming from an angry space, which can be quite damaging even though protecting the eucalypts is motivated by the love that we feel for them.

We hear the Bamboo Deva say:   ‘‘ in all things we too seek balance through serving you without being exploited, and in this way we also support our sisters the Eucalypts!’

She also made reference to another unnatural conflict that arises when we humans come to make choices between species which are either native to our continent, or so-called exotics.

These days many people are discouraging the presence of plants originating from other parts of the planet in their gardens and public places.

The wise advice that she offered in this regard could also be applied to much of our general decision-making.  She observed that

“when we act in truth and total harmony and in response to our inner guidance, we will feel strong in our knowing and will act with detachment and not allow ourselves to be diverted by the response of others. This is different to reacting or ignoring them.

This way we will experience true joy and creativity and alignment and balance. Our thoughts and actions will be fruitful, and we will bring blessings of abundance upon ourselves and others.

“So with these things in mind, approach the question again of which energies to choose to work with and why. They are all aspects of the one, and are all One!”

I then asked about the suitability of using bamboo for creating a teepee shelter in the Windgarden?  Again we were encouraged to use the Bamboo by harmonious blending of whatever materials are appropriate rather than looking for an either/or decision.

“The spirits in the garden will be happy to sing through the bamboo and all of the other trees that are there already, ideally allowing the garden to evolve, expressing universality together with all the elements and kingdoms.

Diversity means that the many birds, insects, reptiles and plants will find a home, bringing in the elemental energy in such variety and strength, and the creative power will grow as each species comes to join with the others.

The garden will express a spirit of unity and harmony which is in no way challenged by diversity.”

” People who come to visit the garden and experience this atmosphere and become aware of the possibilities of expressing nature enhanced in such a way will go forth and imitate it in their own way and in their own places.

The healing and peace that they draw from the experience of connecting with your garden will convince them of the validity of its expression.

The beauty of an untamed garden can be another source of inspiration, so do not over-formalize, except for the proposed Japanese garden.”

I then ask what there is to learn about using a pyramid structure?

”It is a symbol of power as well as protection. As you are able to accept its presence unselfconsciously and without resistance in your garden, it will become an expression of your acceptance of your own immortal power. Do not fear or resist it.  Power which is channelled through the heart can do no harm. More than this, it is essential for the salvation and transformation of this planet.

This is the message which is appropriate at this time, for although you are now open to accepting your role as co-creators, it is  time to know yourselves, who you truly are, and be prepared to act fearlessly, without the false humility which can become an excuse for indolence.

Learn to act with love, acceptance and understanding, particularly of those who have chosen not to bear the burden of transformation at this time.”

” Blessings be upon each of you and your work, and may you have joy and peace in your hearts.

May the almighty mother-father of creation strengthen you in your purpose. Thankyou.”

3-01-2015 2;09;23 PM

richly colourd bamboo

9-01-2015 4;33;44 PM

pink and black bamboo










   My friend Audrey has a wonderful garden in the Thora valley and has sent me a selection of photos of a variety of beautiful bamboos cultivated by her husband Heinz – he passed away two years ago and I share them here to honour his memory.


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