Teachings about sound


6 May 1984.
A Teaching about understanding and using the power of sound and toning.

As the days went on, and the channelled teachings continued, creating beautiful toning sounds became a part of the transmissions as well as speaking and writing.

One day, for reasons that I can’t accurately remember, I was feeling a strong buildup of emotion which started to release through sounds that felt very much like a deep lament.
It came right out of the blue, and left me feeling completely emptied out.  it was time to ask for an explanation.

I was startled to receive the following discourse which I felt was really throwing me in at the deep end!   Thankfully  Bright Star, my off-planet teacher at this time, did his best to explain and encourage me.

” The voice you have been host to is that of a Bedouin tribesman who often has the task of levitation instruction.” (Now that did gave me a start!)

“He will visit you from time to time. You will recognise him by the quality of his expression.  The words which he sounded are ones which lament the passing of his people as a result of a massacre.

Each time that he comes, he wishes to increase the power of his expression in order to create a stronger vibration within your voice–box.  The resonance will assist you with sounds useful for giving expression to certain notes that resonate to a frequency used by us to make contact with one another.  Each time that you are able to give voice to his expression, you will increase your own ability to sound notes necessary for levitation practice.

Do not be concerned that you are not able to immediately understand the purpose of this exercise. Your faith in my protection and integrity will assist in creating a connection with him.

Nevertheless, it is advisable that you trust your own intuition in these matters as well.
I do not want to overstrain our relationship by demanding too much of you at this time.

Relax and enjoy the different tasks given to you.   There is some merit in not knowing what is coming around the corner, so to speak!   Leave the details to us.  It is enough that you are willing to experiment with us.  Every time that you are able to stake a claim in new territory your confidence in your psychic ability increases. Doubt not its usefulness in these strange times.

Do not give over to thoughts of what others will think. So much needs to begin to happen quickly.  There is precious little time for the niceties of polite society.   Stand firm in your resolve to co-operate with those of us directed to instruct you in ways of transcending your earthly powers.  This does not mean losing touch with the reality of your 3D existence. It does mean letting go of inbuilt notions which limit your ability to fly!

Scary thoughts will possess you at first. They are natural, whereas fear is not and you will not be asked to do anything that would jeopardize your sanity or your safety in human terms at this stage.

Let your will to learn excite your curiosity. Prepare yourself by giving some time each day to practising breathing deeply with the mouth pursed, creating a sound rather like a steam kettle.
This is done on the out breath 20 times. Throw your voice forward when you chant the vowel sounds that you are already familiar with.

Do not worry about the next step till we discuss this with you again in the near future.
Prepare a list of those who might be willing to listen to our instructions once you are confident about imparting them.  This knowledge is intended to create a group of workers willing and able to transcend their physical limitations when the time is right to do so.

Let us work together in joy and love.   May the light of the most high spirit illuminate your path and direct your steps towards the One whose love awaits you.
Go in peace and may the Lord bless your work. We all give thanks for your co-operation.

So be it. “

More on working with Sound. Contd..Eighth of May 1984.

                                            Sounding the OM.

” Tonight it will be necessary to translate some of the ideas relating to sound already expressed by others, even though not clearly understood.

We begin with the sound of the Om. This sound should be used only when there is the intention of connecting with the godhead, and is reserved for occasions of great spiritual importance such as deaths, births and occasions of chaos and tragedy.

Its purpose is to evoke the power that can charge the heart with clarity and strength.
Do not doubt the power of this sound.  To use it indiscriminately is to evoke energy in a way which cannot always be controlled, so it should therefore be treasured and respected.

When you come together in a circle you can distil each experience by chanting together.

Give attention to singing with the throat open and the breath flowing freely and deeply.   Charge your voice with a strong resonance. The vibration created is the essential part.

Start by chanting in unison and then let each one express in their own way.   The sounds which affect the chakras are not those that resonate ……….. .”

(This transmission was not completed. My concentration started to fail because of extreme fatigue.)

The importance of being in a positive space when transcribing.   May 11th.

I had been giving myself a hard time for not being able to complete earlier work and keep up a regular program of transmissions so I asked for some help here and received some clear answers!

“Nothing that I say to you is of any value if it is not received in a spirit of love and cooperation.

We are all trying to improve the quality of the words used for communication in order to avoid error and misunderstandings, but so much depends on how it is received.  Negative feelings hinder the sense as well as the receptivity.

Let us join together in asking for clarity, and then not even the slightest error will occur.

Lest you fear that others may judge what you transcribe as useless, be not deterred by the lack of cohesiveness of the thought patterns at first.  Obscure truths are difficult to translate in one sitting.
A little each time will begin to filter through, and this will result in an overall transmission which will bear the hallmark of true guidance.  Substitute nothing, as this causes distortion.

It is best to leave a message in an imperfect state rather than attempt to repair it from your own level of understanding.
The gaps will be filled in as time goes by. Each time we practice a little together the quality will improve. No one achieved perfection in this art overnight.

Little by little, our love will strengthen the connection. Palings are used to build a fence but they can’t all be erected simultaneously!

Trust the method as one which allows a maximum of free-flowing thought to be transcribed in an accurate manner.”

This loving  and perceptive advice was just what I needed to get me back on track again.


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