My Letters from Europe Part 2 – 1960

 The second stage of the Road to Freedom and Adventure. 1960.

Notre Dame de Paris in the Place Vivien just for starters.

PARIS.   Notre Dame de Paris in the Place Vivien  –  just for starters.

This is Part Two of the  account of my first travel experience beyond Australian shores which began late in 1958 and extended to January 1961.

It is told through my letters back to my family in Australia and has resulted in a veritable book which I have been encouraged to gradually share in my blog, chapter by chapter.

This 2nd section begins with my explorations and encounters while studying in Paris in spring in 1960, followed by travels through Brittany, Normandy, Belgium and Holland.

From there  I return to England for the summer.  It is now time for me to search out work in London pharmacies, role up my dispensing sleeves and recharge my bank account, then prepare for more European adventures in the New Year.

When I have finally had my fill I will wind up my long adventure and work my way home in January ’61  on a handsome old Italian liner, the Conte Grande, carrying  many migrants, also bound for Australia.


My passport to many lands and new adventures!