Embracing the Mineral-Crystal Kingdom

Katatjuta, Uluru in the centre and Attilla way in the distance, painted in oils from an aerial photo in 2013

The heart of Australia  –  Katatjuta in the foreground, Uluru in the centre and Attila way in the distance –  painted in oils from an aerial photo in 2013.

January 2017

Just as I enjoyed writing the journey I took exploring my life as it relates to the plant kingdom, it now seems just the right time to look at and share where the mineral kingdom fits into  my experience and understanding of the natural world, and how it relates to healing in particular. Its impact is everywhere, running through from minuscule microchips to vast tectonic plates.

As my mind started buzzing with the myriad possibilities of all the things I would like to include in this ambitious exercise, it struck me that whereas so much of what I had learned of the plant kingdom had come to me in the places where I have lived  for a time, so much of the knowledge I have  garnered over many years about rocks and crystals and gem elixers, standing stones, leylines and sacred places, have mainly been as a result of my many travels.

Thinking back, it was my travels from the mid-eighties onwards that tell the stories of my hands-on apprenticeship beginning with:

1. A trip with a friend to the Boulder opal fields in western Queensland in 1986.

2. Exploring the magnificent Flinders Ranges in Sth Australia – especially Arkaroola – 1987.

3. My first journey to the Centre in 1988, first to Uluru and Katatjuta with a group of women, then with a friend exploring the McDonnell ranges, east and west of Alice Springs, then up through the northern Territory and across the strait  to Melville Island. That was the year when so many people were being guided to return crystals to the earth in sacred places. ( not quite ready for publishing)

4. Mid 1989. a camping trip with a class of young students and their teacher, exploring the inland gem fields of N.S.Wales and Queensland, stopping off at Carnarvon Gorge, Lady Melville Island and Fraser Island.

5. My visit two weeks later to Hervey Bay – a heady experience involving whales and dolphins, crystals and a Mothership.

I think that’s going to be enough for starters!


Introductory Background to ‘Embracing the Mineral-Crystal Kingdom’

Very encouraging confirmation of the rightness of this choice of topic came just a matter of days after making this decision. It came in the form of a discourse  by the Master Sanat Kumara during our November 2016 Super-moon earth healing group’s meditation.

We were told that now was the time to understand more of  the importance of the role of living Rocks to us and all life on the earth at this critical time of our evolution, and were reminded that the steady and constant frequency around rocks provides the stability needed as higher and higher frequencies of Light continue to affect the planet and all her life forms.

We were reminded that we are each able to make use of the grounding they can provide in whatever way we feel to do so as we are buffeted by the changes  –  those occurring both within us and around us.

” We draw you attention to the importance of honouring and supporting the Guardians of the Crystal Grid Lines of Australia as they are activated by the vibrating Heart of central Australia, the Centre created by the combined pyramid of power of Uluru, KataTjuta, and Atilla (Mt.Connor).

This core central grounding is Australia’s gift as the activation radiates throughout the entire planet, while all the planetary  Guardians are simultaneously being honoured and their upgraded role is activated within their lands.  This will then strengthen and recalibrate the entire Earth Grid as part of Earth’s  transition into the 4th and 5th dimensions.

Communication between the Guardians of the Great Golden Grid surrounding Gaia (including the Lord Sananda) is now being enhanced to create a powerful inner and outer Ring of Light.   This upgraded communication facilitates the assistance of other Higher Light Civilizations  to penetrate the veil surrounding Earth, enabling them to transmit their Light Codes directly into the heart of Gaia.”

The love and affection that these Galactic  beings have for Humanity was palpable during this transmission, just as it has always been during our small group’s many earth-healing circles held over the years, both during my time in Bellingen and here in the Northern Rivers/ Wollumbin area.

My first direct connection with the space peoples  who care for Gaia and work to help stabilize her structure also occurred back in the mid eighties  – and they too have remained my ‘off-planet’ friends, giving mutual support and encouragement ever since.

Opportunities for me to learn about the practical aspects of using crystals and gem-stones in healing began about the same time as I commenced my studies of herbal medicine and other aspects of the natural therapies   in Sydney in the late 70’s, and has continued over the years.   I will gradually include these in the Vibrational Healing section which details my work with the Flower Essences and includes details on how to prepare both the gem elixirs and flower essences

I think, however I would first like to share some of the stories about my direct encounters with the rocky world, here and beyond these shores  – so please be patient while I ransack my photo albums and diaries and get started.